10 Sexy Costume Ideas For Halloween


Sexy Costumes to Wear for Halloween

These are a list of some costumes that I have seen people wear at a few parties. Some of these might be a little over the top but if you want to have some fun and be carefree for one night out of the year and you’re still deciding on what to wear to the upcoming Halloween party, then take a moment to read through this list. You may even want to mix and match a few.

  1. Playboy Bunny – You’ve probably seen these costumes before. I have seen some women wear the bunny nose which in my opinion should be left out. The outfit itself is sexy and the nose just kind of kills it. It reminds me of a scene in the movie I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry where Adam Sandler sees who he has mistaken as Jessica Biel in a bunny outfit but when she turns around, it’s David Spade! Blah! No offense to David Spade!
  2. French Maid – Now this is hot! I’ve seen a couple of women wear this and this is definitely an eye catcher. There seems to be different version of this costume but my favorite seems to be the one that isn’t fluffy at the skirt. I’m not sure what the correct terminology is but there are the maid outfits that are short and flare out. The shortness is fine but the flaring seems a bit too much.
  3. Jane – Tarzan’s fair maiden. If you are attending an indoor Halloween party, then you shouldn’t have any problems with this outfit. I’ve seen a lot of different versions of this costume and all of them looked amazing! I knew a friend who put on a bikini and tucked in some brown felt material around her top and bottom and looked just like she came out of the jungle!
  4. Nurse – If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all but I think the best nurse outfits are the ones that resemble the old nurse’s uniforms with the hat and dress in high heels. The leather outfits are sexy but a little played out for my taste.
  5. Indian (Native) – Theses are the Pocahontas type costumes with a single feather protruding from the head band. Short p/leather material skirts and tops, an Indian necklace, moccasins, arm band, and bracelets and you’re good to go!
  6. Indian (Bollywood) – This style has been seen more frequently and quite frankly, I think that they’re sexy as well as elegant and beautiful. They have the little dot on their foreheads (bindi), a midriff top, silky loose pants, high heels, with a long scarf which I believe to be called a Sari wrapped loosely around their shoulders. I’ve seen these outfits mixed with a little Western style and it looks beautiful.
  7. Flight Attendant – I’ve only seen one of these costumes at a party and it looked HOT! The little hat, coat, with a button up shirt that is not necessarily buttoned up, short skirt, and high heels…need I say more?
  8. Mafiosa – I’ve seen this pulled off a couple of different ways. The outfits are supposed to portray the way the gangsters looked during the 1920’s. One woman had a full striped suit with slacks, high heels, and a very sexy shirt underneath her coat, a fake Tommy gun, and the distinctive hats they wore back in those days. The other outfit was similar only with a loose skirt, high boots, a long coat, the hat, and a fake Tommy gun. Both were very hot.
  9. Police – I generally wouldn’t add this to my list except for the fact that I saw this one women in Vegas during a costume party and she had on a realistic looking police uniform, badge, fake gun (at least I think it was), holster, belt, cuffs, and here hair was slicked back and tied up in a bun. Her shirt was a bit revealing and I think the fact that the costume appeared so realistic as opposed to those played out pleather police skirts you see so often, made it so attractive.
  10. Polynesian Girl – What many refer to as a Hula Dancer. This can be pulled off a couple of different ways. First method includes a grass skirt or sarong, coconut top or bikini top, a flower lei, and haku lei (the one that goes on the head). The second method involves wearing a Hawaiian dress of sorts, and haku lei. The second is bit more conservative depending on the dress but still sexy.

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