3 Days – the Movie


“The beginning is the most important part of the work” (Plato)

Sometimes stories come from ideas; sometimes from conversations … and sometimes, great stories come from conversations that create ideas.

A couple of years ago, John Savidis was hanging out with his friends MOE and George Jakji at MOE-TION Picture Productions studio. While there, John took a call on his cell phone. MOE and George’s attention was immediately drawn in by John’s riddling conversation. Even though MOE and George could not hear the person on the other end, they were captivated by John’s dialogue. For 45 minutes, their attention was only on John and his telephone. When John ended his conversation, George said “this would make for a great movie”

John’s phone conversation, the idea of a one-man movie that would challenge the viewers mind was conceived.

To give the story visual depth, MOE envisioned an entire feature film with only one actor being shot in 35 mm and all other actors shot in action photography and Super 8mm. John and MOE took their film idea to published author Peter Tassi. Peter quickly became intrigued and captivated by the idea calling John that night to say “I’ve got it!”

In three days, Peter along with MOE and John, wrote a story about one man’s struggle to overcome the overwhelming obstacles of deceit and betrayal. 3 days is an electrifying story filled with suspense, action and drama.

3 days is the only film that interacts with its audience. The movie takes place in Greece, New York and Las Vegas; over forty locations throughout Hamilton, Ontario, Canada were used to give the film its setting depth. Staying true to MOE’s vision, cast and crew were assembled to ensure the viewer a heightened experience. 3 days was shot in three different formats: The majority of the film was shot in 35mm format; all characters – except for John – are shot in a new innovative technique called “moe-tion” photography and Super 8 mm format is used when John reflects on his childhood.

Making this 1 Man:1 Act movie one of the most anticipated films ever. From its conception 3 days has captivated those who have been exposed to it and flooded the imaginations of all who get to be a part of it.

Source by Carl Bernardi

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