3 Quick and Easy Steps to Find Online Business Ideas


If you’re attempting to do online business, then you want to make sure you have online business ideas suited to your personality and character.

In the next few paragraphs, we’re going to look at 3 essential steps that you MUST follow to find online business ideas to jot down. By following these three simple steps, you will find the right business to pursue online.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Step 1: Consider Your Hobby

There’s no better way to get money in doing what you like, isn’t it? I, for one, am not considering myself as a workaholic person, even though I am working throughout the day. It’s because I’m passionate about it. I don’t feel like I am working. It’s my hobby.

So, ask yourself right now. What is your hobby? What do you like to be doing all the time? Do you like to play golf? Or may be you like to go out fishing, hunting, drawing, designing, writing, making videos, etc. Just brainstorm and jot down what your hobbies are.

Step 2: Make a List of Skills You Possess

Now is the time to think about your set of skills. You know what? The truth is, everyone has their own skill. Yes, I do mean everyone has something to offer in this world, since nobody’s perfect.

This will be heavily related to your working experience, education background, and God-given talent. It might not be your hobby, but people genuinely said you’re good at it. It might be teaching, mentoring, encouraging, marketing, promoting, project organizing, programming, taking pictures, etc.

Step 3: Hunt for Demands

By now, you should have a list of business ideas you can go online for, by cross referencing your hobby and skill list. If in any case you still can’t come up with any business ideas, this step will do for you. However, what you’re going to do in your business might not be as excited as you imagine it to be.

Now, find the market’s demand. Look for it in forums, blogs, social-media, and others. Find the problems most people are facing. Now, when you know and understand what the demands are, you can start building your business around that niche and problem. I suggest you to go to http://www.big-boards.com/ to find your chosen niche forum.

For example, you might find that people are struggling in playing guitar like an expert, may be due to they can’t stretch their fingers as such to not touching the other strings. If you’re an expert, you can make a product in teaching them how to do so. If you’re not, ask an expert to teach you while you record him teaching. Partnering with a well-known expert will also boost your credibility.

So there you have it. Your most essential 3 steps in crafting online business ideas. First is to build your hobby list, second is your skill and talent list, and third is demand and problem list. Cross-reference all these three lists, and you’ve crafted your own list of online business ideas.

Source by Kenny Gunawan

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