3 Thank You Note Examples For That Fabulous Spouse!


Love notes are a great way to let your spouse know how special he or she is to you. They can really jump start the intimacy and romance in your relationship. Very few of us can resist being gushed over a bit by the love of our lives–myself included.

But let’s face it. When it comes to writing down our most intimate feelings, some of us could use a little help. Not to worry. The following romantic thank you note examples will help you write a love note that will stir the heart of that wonderful spouse of yours.

The first two thank you note examples were written with both men and women in mind. The emotions expressed here are common to both sexes.

My darling:

You love means so much to me. How can I ever thank you for all of the wonderful memories that you’ve given me?

You’ve taught me so much about love and making love. I am continually inspired by your passion for life. It’s true that things have not always been easy. Neither of us is perfect, and we’ve both made mistakes. But, knowing and loving you has made me a better person.

I’m truly grateful to have found someone as wonderful to love as you. My heart is yours; now and forever.

With all my love,


Your love means a great deal to me. I am so glad that you’re mine.

As we live, love, and watch our children grow, we are building a wonderful life. I look forward to the years ahead–years of tenderness, passion, laughter and joy.

Thank you my darling, for the memories we’ve shared and those we have yet to create.

Yours forever,

This last thank you note example was written especially for a husband to give to his wife. It communicates a depth of feeling that many men feel but find difficult to express.

Dearest _____________:

I just wanted to tell you how much I love you. You’re still the woman of my dreams. Thoughts of you still make my heart race.

I couldn’t have hoped for a better partner to share my life. You’re an incredible woman, and I’m so grateful to have been blessed with your love and companionship.

Thank you, baby, for the happiness you’ve brought to my days, and the warm passion you’ve brought to my nights. Loving you has been, and continues to be, both my pleasure and privilege. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you.

With all my heart,

Source by J. Spann

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