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There is no doubt about the success of the 3D movie industry in 2009. The biggest 3D movie offering of 2009 is no less than the award-winning “Avatar”, created and directed by James Cameron, the director of “Titanic”. With $1 billion in ticket sales, it ranked as the second highest grossing movie of all time. One of the reasons that the “Avatar” earned as much is because people who have seen the movie in 3D spread the word about their great experience. Even those who have already seen “Avatar” in 2D went to watch again, this time in 3D.

3D movies are now so popular that now there are around 2,800 3D capable theaters all around United States. But since many people enjoy watching movies at home, the molding of these types of movies on DVD became possible. This is not so hard with the modern technology that we are now capable of.

How does three-dimensional viewing work? This is done by utilizing the concept of depth perception. Depth perception is actually a visual illusion that allows us to view the world in three dimensions or three axes. To simplify, 3D movies on DVD are usually made by taking into consideration the views of both eyes, giving an illusion of distance. Because of this illusion, we are able to view a 3D movie as if it is real and is actually happening not only in front of our eyes, but around us. With surround sound, 3D film viewing would be spectacular.

Here is a list of available 3D movies on DVD from 2001 up to 2009:

1. Final Destination 4: Death Trip

2. Call of the Wild

3. Monsters vs. Aliens

4. Coraline

5. My Bloody Valentine

6. Fly Me to the Moon

7. Journey to the Center of the Earth

8. Sea Monsters – A Prehistoric Adventure

9. Night of the Living Dead

10. The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl

11. The Polar Express

12. Misadventures

13. Little Magician (aka Small Magician; Magic Magic)

14. Spy Kids: Game Over

15. A Rainforest Adventure: Bugs!

16. Ghost of the Abyss

17. Santa vs The Snowman

18. SOS Planet

19. Haunted Castle

Short films and concerts have also been released:

1. Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus: Best of Both World’s Concert

2. A Better Mousetrap (aka Mousetrapped)

3. Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience

4. Shrek 4D

There are many other previous movies released in 3D DVD format. One of the earliest 3D movies on DVD stars the Three Stooges, in a 16-minutes release entitled “Spooks: Tails of Horror”, which is a short film created in 1953.

Movie producers such as DreamWorks Pictures and Walt Disney Films have promised to produce more films in 3D in the next coming years. We can expect that the 3D movies released in theaters in 2009 will soon become 3D movies in DVD.

Source by Rick E. Thompson

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