3D TV Revolution


Recently a team of researchers have succeeded in developing a completely new version of 3D image in the digital age. The basic principle remains the same: shoot something from two different angles and then combines the two images so as to create a sense of depth. The resultant picture when viewed with appropriate glasses produces a 3D image.

Over the last year at your local cinema, maybe you experienced 3D movies. Now all these action movies can be at home thanks to the new 3D television. The movies of old used a red green colour separation glasses to create a 3D image. The latest movies seem to all be in 3D and is a phenomenon spreading to your home TV set. People say 3D TV is the biggest revolution to TV, since the appearance of colour screens.

Watching the 3D TV is easy, your attention will be focused on special effects and vivid coloured images jumping off the screen. After you see a  movie  in 3D, you realize the potential success of the new home  entertainment  of 3D TV. These images are also being applied to computer games and soon cable TV. The experience combined with surround sound, and a good home  entertainment  system give a in the picture feeling and sensation.

In The Sky TV headquarters, located in West London, researchers have purchased old documentary films not originally made for 3D. Researchers film each spot image from a scene on a special screen box by using a camcorder equipped with two lenses, handled by a single cameraman. The new “stereo” cameras much heavier than the old provide the 3D effect, like rain hitting the lens. The result is old documentaries filmed in the wild can be re-released in 3D format providing new experiences with old content.

Without special glasses, the viewer running a 3D screen can only see a dim image. Once the glasses are placed on the nose, the viewer has an unsettling sense of depth. As you look at the movie the characters suddenly become real. The glasses are set up so each lens has a phased picture slightly offset from the other. The picture visualized through the glasses provides the 3D effect and provides the out of TV experience most people find quite fascinating.

The 3D TV experience will be new for at home movie enthusiasts. The 3D cinema quality on the new TV sets provide great family  entertainment . The crossover to games and even cable TV will keep producers busy inventing new ways to stimulate viewers in another dimension, not presently available on home TV.

Source by George Furneaux

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