4 Easy to Start Low Cost Businesses Ideas With Little to No Startup Cost


Low Cost Business Ideas are sometimes hard to find if you are looking in the wrong place and dreaming of mounds of dollars. The ideas that you will find are more practical and down to earth and should be something that you would not consider onerous to do.

For instance if you enjoy cooking, you could start a small catering company that would not be real expensive to get into and would give you a good return on your dollar. That is a low cost small business idea that can be started for fewer than five hundred dollars and could generate revenue almost immediately with the proper networking and marketing.

I recently came across a guy that was selling a method to make money cleaning trash cans in high end neighborhoods. He sells a package where one would attach a hydraulic apparatus to a pick up truck that picks up the trash cans and automatically cleans them with a pressure washer.

Your work is to just roll the trash cans onto the device, push a button and when the trash cans were cleaned, remove them and move onto the next house. An interesting concept and would be a nice low cost business idea if you already owned a decent looking pick up truck.

I once owned a janitorial service and that cost me under two hundred dollars to get going. I used a small car that I already owned and had most of the cleaning equipment needed at home already. I had to buy an industrial mop and bucket and a couple of other things plus some business cards and flyers. Customers were easy to find because many janitorial companies are unreliable and that was easy to sell against.

I used my cell phone for a business line and would tell my prospective customers that I had to be reliable because they could get a hold of me as I carried my business phone on my hip 24/7. I sold that business after generating regular revenue of eight thousand dollars a month and putting about half of that in my pocket each month.

Another solid business idea is a pressure washing business. That can be tied into a window washing business, a janitorial business, a maid service or even a painting business. If you own a pick up truck or have a small trailer, you can put your power washer on them and you would be almost all set. There are some cleaning compounds you would need and perhaps a ladder or two but you can be in business for fewer than two thousand dollars.

This is a service that you can easily pick up customers by renting a spot at an outside flea market. Put together a sign park your rig there and hand out business cards to prospective clients. I know one guy that did this who ended up with some very nice repeat commercial business as well as a lot of exterior house cleaning work on a regular basis.

The point is that there are many different and interesting low cost business ideas and that if you take some time to look inside and see what you like to do, you can end up owning a business, making decent money and do it for a lot less expense than one would think.

Take a look around at the service industries as they are generally inexpensive to start and see if there is something that you like to do that can translate into a business. Odds are that if you come across a business idea that is something you like to do, you will have many of the materials and tools required to make the conversion from hobby to employment.

Source by Lisa Willson

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