4 Ways You Can Photograph Like a Sexy Hollywood Celebrity


1. Use Natural Light Whenever Possible

Schedule your shoot at early morning or dusk, then pose in natural light. This casts a very soft light that camouflages lines. It’s also easier to apply makeup. Unless you’re familiar with studio lighting, your foundation and eye shadow can look washed out in photographs.

2. Invest in Quality Makeup

If you want a studio shot but don’t want to pay a makeup artist, drop by your favorite makeup counter and ask for a free makeover. You get the professional results without the professional fees-and you’ll know how to do it on your own next time. My favorite are MAC make-up professionals. Bring translucent powder, blush and lipstick to the photo shoot. Makeup melts really quickly under those lights.

3. Practice Your Perfect Pose

Find your best angle by practicing in front of a mirror. Try different smiles, too, and watch for mannerisms that can unconsciously ruin a shot: dropping or jutting out your chin, squinting, or showing too much of your teeth. Sometimes smiles can look forced after holding it too long. Try this technique: every few poses, do a “blowfish”-puff up your cheeks to relax the muscles. You can also study your old photos to see what poses made you look better, then bring them to the shoot to guide your photographer. It’ll save the photographer precious time experimenting to find your best angle.

4. Select Shoot-Friendly Clothes

Some clothes that look good on the rack, or even on you, may not look good in pictures. Busy prints can make you look big, and colors like white or yellow don’t register well. Even vertical lines, frequently cited for their slimming effect, can be too “powerful” a print for a photograph. People will end up looking at your top, not your face! Look for cuts that are simple but well-tailored, paying close attention to how they flatter your silhouette. When trying on clothes, sit or squat in the dressing room to see how the cloth bunches up as you change positions. Your photographer will be asking you to try different poses-you want to look good in each.

If you wear black or any dark colors, use a splash of color to bring the eye to your best feature-for example, a draped red shawl can draw attention to beautiful shoulders. Professionals also advise bringing masking tape and bullclips to the shoot. Your photographer can use these to “cinch” the shirt at the back to get an instant (if temporary) perfect fit.

Source by Nancy Hayssen

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