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Each summer, thousands of vacationers visit the beach. Some will joyfully enter the water while others fear sharks are lurking in the ocean. For those who rather not enter the water, here are five movies themed around sharks to validate their fears. Some are harmless family friendly selections, while others, appropriate for adults only, will leave you scared and in awe of these incredible creatures.


No list of shark movies would be complete without Jaws. After a large shark terrorizes a popular beach in New England, three men, Martin Brody, the police chief, a shark hunter named Quint, and a marine biologist named Matt Hooper, head out on a boat to hunt down and kill the shark. After a fierce and scary battle, only Quint and Brody remain alive, and the shark is finally killed. This famous movie highlights the potential danger of sharks and the fear that sharks can illicit in people.

Open Water

This movie is particularly scary because it is based on a true story. A couple goes scuba diving with a group and they up getting left behind when an inaccurate head count is taken aboard the boat. Both Daniel and Susan are bitten by jellyfish, and their small wounds attract a large group of sharks. Daniel is eventually killed by the sharks, and Susan drowns herself before the sharks can kill her.

12 Days of Terror

12 Days of Terror is based on true events that occurred during the summer of 1916 on the shores of New Jersey. For twelve days, swimmers at New Jersey beaches sustained attacks by a large shark, before it was finally killed. The issue of sacrificing human safety for business is a part of this film, since officials hesitated to shut down beaches during the busy summer season, even following several dangerous attacks.

Finding Nemo

The first three selections are best for adults only. If you are looking for a family friendly option, try Finding Nemo. The main characters are a father and son pair of clown fish, but it is hard to forget the three sharks in the movie. Kids will love watching the funny antics of these sharks as they try to stick to their plan of giving up fish in their diet.

Shark Tale

Shark Tale is another family friendly shark movie selection. A trouble making fish and a vegetarian shark, who are both outcasts in their own communities, come together by chance. The fish, Oscar, falsely claims to have killed a shark that was killed while he was nearby, and enjoys the fame that comes with his new title of “Sharkslayer”. In the end, Oscar comes clean and makes amends with the important people in his life, and the vegetarian shark, Lenny, is finally accepted by his father. The group of fish and the group of sharks also come to a peace agreement.

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