5 Movies So Bad They’re Good


Making entertaining movies isn’t easy. As much as I’d say it is a simple matter of throwing in some robots and explosions, not everyone likes Michael Bay movies. The simple truth is most of the movies that get made are steaming piles of crap. Then there are those movies that go beyond bad and somehow find a way to become entertaining again. Some of these terrible movies can even be fun to watch multiple times. These are movies so bad that they’re good.

Plan 9 From Outer Space

Plan 9 From Outer Space isn’t just bad because it was made in 1959. It is just a completely ridiculous movie. The dialogue is terrible and the narrator can’t seem to decide whether these events happened in the future or the past.The story is humanity has created a weapon capable of destroying the universe, so aliens decide to stop them the only way they can. Zombie army. Yes, the aliens use their advanced technology to raise zombies to kill the humans. Fights break out and and fires just kind of pop up everywhere. Plan 9 From Outer Space has been called the worst movie ever made, but it is far too entertaining for that title.

Battlefield Earth

Battlefield Earth has been described as the Plan 9 From Outer Space of our generation. They both involve aliens, are terribly made, and I can’t stop laughing when I watch them, so I’d say it’s a fairly apt comparison. Scientology has never been a subject taken too seriously by most people. The explanation of Scientology sounds like a movie that would end up on this list. Thus it is no surprise that a movie based off a book by the father of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, and pushed forward by outspoken Scientologist John Travolta was absolutely insane. The acting is terrible, but at least we see John Travolta as a giant alien with dreadlocks. That alone makes the movie awesome.

Cabin Fever

Many old horror movies fall into the category of movies so bad they were good. Cabin Fever took note of this and created a horror movie that never once had us scared, but often had us laughing. Cabin Fever decided horror equated to college kids getting naked, having sex, and speaking awkwardly. Also there was a little kid who just bit everyone. At no point was the flesh eating virus even slightly intimidating, everyone was too distracted by the sex. The best part of the movie was the fact none of the main characters were that likable, and it was cause to celebrate every time one of them died.

Leprechaun: In the Hood

I guess the thinking behind this movie was everything becomes cooler if you give it an “urban” twist. That’s how a creature from Irish folklore got into a shootout with gangsta rappers. It makes perfect sense. Ice-T is a record producer who had the leprechaun trapped until three rappers released it and now they are trying to find a magic flute while aiming their guns sideways at each other. The best part is that some people find a leprechaun to be a scary creature. It’s the same thing as those Chucky movies, how is something that reaches up to your ankle scary? Just kick it across the room. With a title like Leprechaun in the Hood you can’t really expect a quality movie, you can, however, expect an entertaining one. That’s why they made the sequel Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood. No, that was not a typo. Leprechauns just can’t spell.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise is known for being one the more well done horror franchises. That just makes Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation all the more hilarious. One of the crazier parts of the movie is that Leatherface has taken up cross-dressing pretty seriously. Now he chases kids down wearing a wig, makeup, a dress, and heels. I can’t decide if that makes him scarier or not. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: TNG took it a step further when it came to bad  movie   entertainment  value. The two stars of the movie are none other than Matthew McConaughey and Renee Zellwegger. This was of course before either of them were big movie stars, but they are both easily recognizable. There is possibly nothing more entertaining than seeing a big star in a terrible role before they were big. The things they had to do for fame.

Source by Wes Blackmore

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