5 Small Business Ideas for Big Business Profits


Just because you have a small business, it doesn’t mean you can’t think BIG! Some of the best marketing ideas come from the minds of small business owners. It is their ingenuity that allows people to reap big rewards even on small investments.

Below are 5 small business ideas you can begin implementing today in your own business to increase your customers and overall bottom line.

  1. Create your own contest – Market research has shown that contests work. Whether it be your 10,000th customer, a quiz that you send all of your clients, or having folks simply fill out a slip of paper, you can instill excitement in your business with a well run contest. Offering prizes such as big screen tv’s, ipods, computers and the like will definitely get folks talking about your business. Take pictures of the winners and post them everywhere!
  2. Offer discounts/deals in exchange for a customer’s email address – Email addresses are valuable. Your job is to build a huge list of them and stay in touch with your customers via a regular email newsletter! The easiest way to build a list is to offer the other person something in return. A discount off their next purchase is a great incentive. Start building your email list today and by offering a discount off of a future purchase, building a huge email list will cost you nothing upfront and depending on your profit margin, may actually make you money at the same time!
  3. Issue a press release whenever you can! – You might think nothing you have to say is press worthy but nothing could be further from the truth. Promoting an employee, sponsoring an organization, a huge sale, and a contest like the one mentioned above are all great reasons to create a submit a press release. Even though you may not get a front page story, your press release will help you in other ways. You can use the release in your own email and online marketing AND, when submitted to the right press release sites online, your business can get a boost in the search engine rankings as a result.
  4. Get video and written testimonials NOW! – In the age of the internet, utilizing video is one of the great small business ideas that can really reap huge benefits. Simply grab a flip cam (or your smart phone) and video tape your clients saying something nice about you and your business. Post this video on your website and build a huge list of them! Let your clients get new clients for you! If a video is not possible, a written or emailed message is the next best thing. Keep every single one you get and show them to the world!
  5. Own Google – No, I am not talking about ponying up a few billion and buying the mega search site, I am talking about owning the search results for your particular business or area. For instance, if you own a pet shop in Pittsburgh, Pa, then if someone types “Pet shop in Pittsburgh” you want to be one of the first results that comes up. This is easier said than done, but taking some time to learn about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO will help you get closer to achieving this goal. There are many things you can do that cost little or nothing to help your website rank higher with sites like Google.

There you have it, 5 small business ideas that if implemented properly and consistently will definitely increase your new clients and profits.

Source by John McNamara

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