5 Tips on Choosing a Car Entertainment Center


Making a choice about choosing an automobile entertainment center can be a daunting task considering the many choices available these days. Not too long ago, your choice was pretty limited – did you want a cassette player along with the AM/FM stereo or not. Today your options are as varied as your imagination. The new players now come with features that rival home theater systems, as well as giving the purchaser the flexibility to decide what kind of entertainment they want. Here are some shopping tips to help you decide what features you want in an automobile entertainment system.

1. Start off by deciding whether you want simply a music system or do you want a video player with it. Some modern receivers have combination DVD/CD players that enable the user to watch movies from their car. If the DVD player is your choice, be forewarned – most companies have built-in safety measures that prevent the consumer from watching a movie while the car is in motion, which would be an incredibly bad idea.

2. Is having a GPS unit important to you? If so, look to those units that allow you to add a GPS receiver to the existing configuration, or simply buy one that has it installed already. This would eliminate the necessity of purchasing a separate piece of equipment, as well as making your GPS less likely to be stolen.

3. Do you use a mobile phone often? If so, look to those receivers that offer Bluetooth communication ability. When you receive a call, the caller’s voice plays through the car speakers, allowing you to hold a conversation while driving and making the conversation better heard. This will also please most police personnel as well as making it safer for your to drive and talk on the phone.

4. Do you have one of the popular music players like the iPod or digital mp3 players? If so, you may want to consider a player that allows you to play your music through the receiver. Some players can also be controlled by the iPod or iPhone itself, which ends up serving as the remote for the receiver.

5. Are there any other particular features that interest you? Some of the newer receivers can be expanded to include a rear facing camera, allowing you to see what is behind you as you are backing up. This could be a good safety feature, especially if you have small children. It can also be useful when parking.

Whether deciding on a Christmas present, birthday present, or just replacing that broken OEM unit, the choices these days offer the consumer many options. Use these tips to help you decide on that new receiver/player.

Source by Ben R Herrington

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