7 Helps For Better Personal Health


Health is one of the important areas of our life. Others are religion, job or business with an adequate income, building a retirement income, and owning a house. But how important are these? They are important. So how does personal health fit into the picture?

Poor health in general does not allow full enjoyment of any of the items important. Specific health problems can be short time and interfere with life enjoyment. Long time specific health problems can be a never ending diminishing of life activities including work and other important areas.

At the same time one does not want to be deluded into frequent doctor visits when there is no real problem. At its worst it is called hypochondria. In less amounts it can be delusions caused by television commercials, and magazines ads.

Some pointers are:

1. Ignore commercials. If you believe you have a real problem, or daily routines are adversely affected by what appears to be real health problems, see your family doctor. At least you can then determine if the problem is real, whether it is an important problem or not, and relieve your mind, and be able to get on with your life. But do not allow commercials to cause you health worries, when in fact there may not be any.

2. Remember that there are few doctors will tell you to get lost. The basic attitude of doctors is to serve the patient. That is good. But realize that you are wasting your time and money and the doctors time if you do not have a real problem.

3. Physicals. At nearly every age regular physicals should become routine. Through these one can learn their general and specific health, whether any areas need attention and then acting on the best plans according to your doctor alleviate them, gain peace of mind even if there is a problem because then you know what it is and what you need to do to relieve it.

4. OTC Drugs. There are a multitude of over the counter drugs most of which you do not need. Aspirin is good, a cough medication may work for light coughs or colds. First one needs to determine with their doctor if they have a problem, and if yes, what is a good OTC remedy. Your doctor can tell you also, in general, what OTC drugs that are useful for you. Remember that you can become sick from too many or too much OTC drugs.

5. Prescription drugs. Doctors have a multitude of choices when prescribing a drug for a particular health problem. That is good, but remember a prescription drug can als cause you problems, and if one does notify your doctor and get a different drug.

6. Food. Good food is a critical part of good health. Take the time to learn healthy foods and then set your diet according to them. Your doctor’s office can get you started learning what are healthy foods and those not good for you. And learn to read labels. Most grocery stores and restaurants aim to sell food, and not watch out for your health. Control of your diet is up to you. Exercise that control. Generally foods prepared at home are healthier than restaurant menus.

7. Exercise. If your life style is with little exercise then you probably need exercise. Walking up stairs a level or two is better than taking an elevator or escalator, and may prove faster. Parking away from the store or mall and walking to the store is good exercise. Mowing the yard with a walk behind mower is good exercise. The point is that there are many good exercises about in your daily life. A spa or gym is not necessary. However gyms do provide a community of people doing the same thing and that may appeal to you. Remember that toned muscles are good for they also represent heart exercise. Bulging muscles look good, but they can introduce health problems. Moderation is a good goal when exercising.

Every important area of life is better enjoyed when health is good. Pills may become a necessity, but they are not a substitute for good health. Doctors can be a big help, yet your health is up to you. If you have good health don’t waste it. If your health is not where you would like then you need to get working on it.

Source by Paul Mobley

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