7 Primary Laws of Health


It has been suggested that my writings regarding the principles and

practise of Natural  Health  are untenable.

And so in defence, I have undertaken the following article.

Due to the proliferation of the so-called ‘science of modern

medicine’, it appears as though our instincts, once proclaimed to

be the foundation of common sense, have been diverted and relegated

to the shadows of innuendo and mockery.

We have been dumbed-down in our perceptions of what it means to be

healthy – how to achieve this state and if lost – how to retrieve


 Health  information has been replaced by  health  ‘info-mation.’ – a

side step away from the truth into the field of advertising.

However, if we are truly sincere in our quest for an answer to the

question of what is natural  health , how it is attained and how to

sustain it, we can do no better than to examine the wonder of

nature in its workings.

A healthy human being is one who observes and complies with the

seven primary laws of Nature.

These laws are not written on tablets of stone – rather they are

the consequence of critical observation of the phenomena of all

organic life.

#1. The Law of Temperature

o Human life can exist only between two limits of temperature.

o Extreme heat and extreme cold both destroy life.

#2. The Law of Air

o Without oxygen, there can be no human life.

o Respiration is therefore one of the most important functions of

our bodies.

o The need for air to oxidise the nutrients and waste products in

the bloodstream is so vital that the cessation of life occurs

almost simultaneously with the cessation of breath.

#3. The Law of Water

o Life on earth would not be possible without water.

o All organisms consist mainly of water and so do their foods.

o We need sun-irradiated water contained in fruits and vegetables

to keep the blood in good condition.

o The circulation of the blood in the human organism bears the same

relationship to the body as the circulation of water does to the


#4. The Law of Sunlight

o Human life is not possible without the sun.

o The radiations of the sun are necessary for vitalizing the air,

water and the earth.

#5. The Law of Activity

o In  health  we must be active.

o Stagnation or lack of movement can only lead to death.

#6. The Law of Thought

o The degree of perfection of every organism depends on the degree

of superiority of its capacity for thought.

o Thoughts are sources of knowledge, strength, harmony and


#7. The Law of Harmony

o The world (including human life) exists owing to the fundamental

law that all parts of the universe must be in harmony with

themselves and with Nature.

o Those organisms which are out of harmony with themselves or

Nature must perish.

These seven laws concern the most basic requirements of life.

Even the simplest organisms and animals obey these laws.

o  Health  is the adaptation of the organism to the forces of Nature.

o Ill-health is the maladaptation or neglect of these forces.

o Partial neglect of these forces produces ill-health of one kind

or another.

o Total neglect leads to death in every case.!

Philosophy is great but practise is everything.

I wish you continued success in applying the laws of nature to your

own person.

In doing so you will become an example for others and a leader in

your family and community.


Source by Kevin Hinton

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