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There are days that I watch the news and see tragedies involving children, and I want to hug my own daughter even tighter. Sometimes I see parents smacking their children around in a public place, and I want to smack the parents. It is a shame that people don’t have to pass a test or have to undergo training before they become parents. I remember the day that I brought this newborn baby home from the hospital, and never felt so lost or clueless. Eventually, instincts take over. Unfortunately, some people don’t seem to have those instincts.

The moment that I learned I was pregnant, I went crazy buying and reading parenting magazines. I subscribed to a few of them, looking forward to their arrival each month. There were so many articles about pregnancy and parenting, that I really started to get a sense of what it would be like being a parent. I loved the advice columns and humor sections. Some of the articles in the parenting magazines were so great and helpful, that I would cut them out. I might not need an article about temper tantrums until my unborn child hit two or three years old, but it was worth keeping. What I decided to do was get a shoebox and put all of the articles that were worth keeping inside of it. I usually found one article in each of the parenting magazines that was worth reading again in the future. I always cut out articles that deal with how to handle emergencies or illnesses. It never hurts to have them handy.

There are tons of parenting magazines in print right now. All you have do is walk into a large bookstore and glance at the racks of magazines. Some of them might not intrigue you in the least. Others will catch your attention and hold your interest greatly. No matter what age your child is, or if you’re merely in the stages of expecting, there are parenting magazines designed to aid you in gathering information on parenting. They aren’t how-to guides, as they don’t exist as much as we wish that they did, but they are there to help you with situations, advice and humor. It is always nice to read about other parents who are in the same shoes as I am when I feel so incredibly frustrated and alone.

If you just don’t want to buy parenting magazines

glance through some when you’re at the doctor’s office or in almost any waiting room. See if anything catches your attention. And if you happen to know someone who lacks some parenting skills, pass the parenting magazines along to them. Maybe they’ll take the hint.

Source by John Wellington

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