A Hindi Movie Initiating Deep Yearnings


As I grew up, I was surrounded by people, both friends and the elderly who liked to watch Hindi movies. So my family watched them as well. By the time, I was in the university, the pressure of studies was so much that I dropped watching them altogether. However, one evening, my Mom bugged me, “Come on, Rosina, watch this Hindi movie-you need to take a break from your studies and relax-come on, watch with us!” Well, I gave in and watched. Which movie was it? Did I like it? Did I learn anything? Was it worth my time? In order to find out these answers, read on.

The Hindi Movie was, “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam” meaning “Straight from the Heart.”

Why did I like it? That is because I realized and learnt something. Although the pressure of studies was heavy on me, that night I went to sleep dreamily and romantically, wondering what the beyond future held for me.

What was the movie about? What did I learn and realize? It was a movie based on purely romance and marriage with twists that I liked very much. I hadn’t watched a Hindi movie for years. When I watched this movie, it was unstoppable and very much exciting.

It was based on the romance of a girl and a boy, who had crossed miles to learn music from the girl’s father. But the daughter soon became acquainted with the boy and romance blossomed between them. Nobody knew about it until one day the cat was out of the bag.

It was then the girl’s father got furious and vowed never ever to sing again. He ordered the boy to leave the place immediately. The girl was forced to marry another guy of the parents’ choice.

What followed was educational. Parents always want your very best and therefore, we should NOT always undermine them. It made me remind of my deceased Dad who had rebuked me so many times while he was still living and yet, I realized his rebukes were only for me to learn. I made mistakes and he wanted me to learn, not hurt.

Well, the girl’s husband in the movie came to know of her affair eventually, and he helped her to tour Europe in search of where her lover lived and finally helped her to find him. Now it was the girl’s decision to choose one between the two guys: the first guy who taught her to fall in love and the second guy who taught her to fulfill promises of love. Which guy did the girl finally choose? I leave you to ponder, do the guesswork and form the urge to watch this movie if you haven’t already.

That very night I went to sleep thinking of the loyal and decent guy the girl chose finally as her life partner in the movie; it instigated deep yearnings in me, and I told myself: I wish I could find a similar partner like the girl did when the time was right for me!

Source by Rosina S Khan

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