A History of Blizzard Entertainment


Blizzard Entertainment has proven to be one of the most talented video game companies in the history of the industry. From their founding in 1991 by 3 UCLA grads to the release of their most recent game, Starcraft 2, they are going stronger than ever and will continue to make games for the foreseeable future.

The company was founded in 1991 as Silicon & Synapse, and for the first couple years they made their money by developing ports of other company’s games. But they had strong ideas of where video games should go, and as a result they released one of their first original games, WarCraft, in 1994. This was also the year that they changed their name to Blizzard.

WarCraft was a pretty decent hit, and so they released the sequel in 1995. This was a game that took the video game world by absolute storm. It had extremely smooth, addictive gameplay, was noticeably simple to get up and running in an age when games were trickier than they are today, and it ended up winning Game of the Year in many publications.

Then they went on an absolute rampage, releasing Diablo in 1997, StarCraft in 1998, Diablo 2 in 2000, and WarCraft 3 in 2002. Each of these games was a marked improvement from its predecessors, and each one lifted their reputation higher and higher.

The release in 2004 of World of WarCraft introduced the world to online role playing gaming done right. MMORPGs, games where thousands of players log in at any given time, have long existed, but they were never done with the quality and style of World of Warcraft. Blizzard had proven yet again that they knew how to do a big release.

With the 2010 release of Starcraft 2 we have seen that they are still changing the genre that they helped create years ago. Blizzard is still going strong, and still has clear goals of where they plan to be in the future.

Source by Philip Buuck

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