A Hydrogen Based Fuel Enhancement Initiative


The Water/Fuel Converters Project is specifically designed to clarify how hydrogen based fuels can be used to enhance carbon based fuels. The purpose is to educate the general public about the simplicity of on-demand electrolysis technology and the ease of integration into already existing infrastructure. A main aspect of the project is to provide free information whereas other website attempt to capitalize on the situation. By presenting free information the general public now has the best possibility to become informed about how the near future of the energy industry will evolve.

The Water/Fuel Converters Project is the world’s premier electrolysis initiative designed to clarify how hydrogen based fuels such as Brown’s Gas, Rhodes Gas, Oxy-Hydrogen, or HHO can be utilized to enhance carbon fuel combustion. The task of carbon fuel substitution is arduous therefore to help minimize difficulty, the concept of fuel enhancement can be utilized to delay the need for complete replacement.

Because the concept of carbon fuel enhancement is consistent with the inevitable need for substitution, it is highly likely that it will be established as a bridge between what is and what will be. By consuming carbon fuels more efficiently, the entire logistics and economics of the immediate future can be adjusted accordingly, thus providing necessary breathing room to relieve the strain on infrastructure during an unprecedented transition to alternative fuels.

Source by Noah Seidman

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