A Quick Look at Catalog Printing Technology


Catalogs are among the humblest tools that are used to heighten ecommerce businesses. The power of catalogs is undeniably irresistible. A catalog may seem very ordinary but it can grow your business. How can it be possible? It’s simple. The catalog persuades your customers to shop at your business.

Although the web is the latest trend in the industry, print media like catalogs are proven to have lingering effects on the customers. It drives potential customers to stop and take a look at your business and buy your products. It also allows companies to entice more clients to their website. This is why more and more marketers are banking on catalogs as the forefront of their business plan.

As the world keeps on turning and the society is continuously evolving, so are the catalogs. For this reason, those who have been eyeing the catalogs to integrate in their business must consider some important things to arrive at the summit of success.

Catalog printing does not imply printing alone. It also involves several elements such as the cost of production, catalog design, layout and mailing. Essentially, the cost should be the priority when planning to print a catalog. Your project’s success will all depend on how much you are willing to spend.

Another important aspect that one should take into consideration in making a catalog is to whom are going to send the catalog. Catalogs are great for direct mailing. It’s one of the most effective ways to elicit a response from customers.

Now if you’re really enthusiastic about printing a catalog, then you should give consideration to the print  technology . The result of your catalogs will greatly depend on the  technology  that you will use. A tried and tested  technology  will definitely bring significant benefits to your catalogs.

Here are two  technologies  that you should look into with regard to catalog printing.

On Demand Digital Four Color Printing

The four color print  technology  has been modified into something more convenient. This is the on demand digital four color printing. It offers a more efficient printing workflow since it is powered by digital  technology . What’s great about it is that it produces high quality prints that are comparable with the traditional offset. Plus, it allows you to get the most out of your time and budget. Catalog printing is accomplished efficiently and quickly.

Hexachrome Printing

If you’re concerned with the color of your catalogs, Hexachrome printing is a good idea. This print  technology  is the answer to all color inaccuracy problems. It’s basically a six color printing technique that is made possible by pantone. Through this  technology , the 4 color inks are improved, which resulted to additional two colors, the orange and green. Hence the colors became more chromatic.

Source by Charmaine Joy Caro

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