A Review of Englander Mattresses


Let’s get straight to the point: what I like about Englander mattresses is that, not only are they extremely well made using only the best materials and technology, the company also makes a variety of different types – more than most other manufacturers. Here’s a review of the mattresses currently on offer.

When you buy an Englander mattress you will be buying one of the best on the market today. The company has been making mattresses for a long time and has used its experience to create some of the finest sleep solution money can buy.

However, many other manufacturers also make beautifully crafted mattresses but what distinguishes Englander is that it makes a wide variety of high-end models. You can have everything from a traditional innerspring, through to latex, memory foam and even a combination of innerspring and memory foam: perhaps only the larger manufacturers like Sealy and Serta can offer such a diverse range, but I doubt if many make products as well made.

If you are looking for a traditional innerspring – and most mattresses sold are of this type – then you should consider an Englander mattress. The current collection is called Tension Ease. You can choose from 3 levels of comfort. The Tension Ease Duo-Flex coils feature a distinct barrel shape design that allows for full coil compression without shape loss. Each coil is made from tempered steel and are individually wrapped – giving the sleeper maximum support.

The memory foam mattress has been the biggest breakthrough in mattress technology in decades. Englander hasn’t been slow to respond and now offers its own version. The Synergy is a seven zoned mattress that combines visco elastic memory foam and 100% natural latex. The combination of these two materials is almost unique in the industry. The combination means that you get exceptional support (thanks to memory foam’s body conforming properties) and durability (thanks to latex’s time-proven ability to retain its shape over extended use). Personally, I think this is the best mattress the company currently makes.

Latex mattresses are becoming ever more popular. People like the fact that latex, like memory foam, conforms to the exact shape of the sleeper, but unlike memory foam, it’s not temperature sensitive so latex works just as well in cold weather or bedrooms unlike memory foam. Natural latex is also very hypo-allergenic and made from sustainable resources. The Nature’s Finest mattress from Englander is made from 100% natural latex is an excellent mattress.

Finally, we have the 21st century mattress from Englander. A combination of innerspring and memory foam, this mattress will suit those who want the shape conforming comfort of memory foam but the feel and support of a traditional mattress. The company isn’t alone in making the type of mattress, other companies like Stearns and Foster also make this type – however the Englander is cheaper.

I find it very hard to criticize Englander mattresses. I would have liked its innerspring collection to have offered a ‘luxurious model’ like those from Stearns & Foster and Chattam & Wells – things like metal corner guards, brass vents and Belgian Damask ticking.

If you’re looking for a one of the best mattresses on the market, you should consider buying an Englander mattress. No other company makes such high-end mattresses in such different configuration. But don’t just take my word for it; if you’ve read any mattress reviews, you’ll have noticed that most consumers tend to agree with me.

Source by Robin Cassidy

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