A Simple Way to Speed Up Your PC


Slow computers are no fun. They are frustrating, annoying and often turn out to be a nightmare, unless they are fixed. They prevent you from doing simple tasks, such as checking email and even writing out some important work. Millions of people are suffering from this problem every day, and the bad news is that it’s only going to get worse as time wears on. However, there is some good news – you can actually make your computer run faster again, and the solution is a lot simpler than you might think.

The reason why your computer is running slow is simple – your ‘system’ (Windows) is jammed up with corrupt files. This means that whenever it wants to find a file it needs, it takes ages just to find it… which makes your entire computer run slow.

More specifically, it’s down to the central database of your PC, known as your ‘registry’. This database is the central nervous system of your PC, holding everything from your latest emails to critical system files. Because this database is so important, Windows is constantly adding and editing files inside it. With 100’s of file edits every day, your system actually ends up corrupting and losing many of these crucial files. This is all done by accident, but what it means is that your computer is left running extremely slowly, as it struggles to find the files it needs.

Every day, this problem gets worse and worse… making your computer run slower and slower. It’s the main cause of system slowness, and there is actually a very easy solution to it. All you need to do is use a registry cleaner to go through the registry database and clean out all the problematic files in there. The more files that are removed, the faster your PC will run… which means that it’s essential to use an effective one.

Source by James Henry Johnson

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