A Worthy Cause – Alzheimers Association Car Donation Program


Unfortunately a lot of people think that Alzheimer’s is the kind of syndrome for which there is neither treatment nor hope. While it is true that there is no known cure for Alzheimer’s, the past ten years have been pretty revealing when it comes to researching this disease. Research on Alzheimer’s prevention and treatment of those who are afflicted and beyond the care of their families is an extremely cash intensive operation. And that is why the Alzheimer Association car donation you make is very important to the cause.

An Alzheimer Association car donation can be accomplished just like any other type of charitable contribution to not-for-profit organizations. All you do is contact the Alzheimer Association in your area, arrange a time for them to pick up the car, and off it goes with no cost to you. From that point on, you do not have to worry about it any more. And the benefits of donating your car to the Alzheimers Association are pretty varied. You can help a lot of people who can not help themselves any more, fund necessary research to help find a cure, and you can get a tax deduction in the process..

For one thing, your vehicle that you donate will most likely be restored to functionality and cleaned up. And from there, it will go to a public auction, in most cases. At that auction, some person who could use a car will purchase it, and the proceeds will go into a combination of the charity’s administrative costs and to funding the quest to end Alzheimer’s once and for all. Of course, this is not a fight that is likely to end in victory next week, or even in the next decade. A disease as pervasive as Alzheimer’s has a lot of details that are going to need to be studied to death… which means that a nonstop flow of money is necessary until a cure is found, tut at the very least, you’ll be doing your part to help out.

What we can do right now is stave off the onset of Alzheimer’s by encouraging our elders to keep their minds active. It is a well known fact that a more active mind is dramatically less likely to develop Alzheimer’s… and getting the word out requires a campaign that also needs the cash that your Alzheimer Association car donation can help provide.

Source by Isaac MacIntosh

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