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With the improvement of our living standard, more and more pressure is walking to us. Therefore, a new word “sub-health” comes into our life. So how to do with it is also a challenge for us.

Have you had the following feeling? Once in a while, you feel flustered, shortness of breath and memory loss. If you often have such feelings, but when you go to the hospital, there is nothing wrong with you. The above indicates that you have the status of sub-health.

The World Health Organization says: health is a state of perfection on body, spirit and association with others. According to a statistic, the real healthy people and the real physical disease people in the crowd are only 2/3, which means there are more than 1/3 people in the status between health and sickness. The World Health Organization calls it “the third state”. We often consider it as sub-health; also some people call it “gray state”.

Therefore, there is a process from health to sickness. It is also called transitional state. If this state is reversible, any development is likely to become diseases or become health if it is controlled by us. However, what can we do about it?

1.) Some foods that can improve sub-health. Eat more foods which are rich in moisture. 80% of human body is made up of water. If the water in our body is not enough, the blood concentration will be heightened and the waste in the body will be accumulated which can not be completely ruled out of the body. Therefore, the waste will do harm to the body. There are three kinds of food that are rich in moisture – fruits, vegetables and soup. In our daily life, we need to eat more fruits and ensure we can get enough nutrition from the vegetables that we eat.

2.) Effective food combination. Have you made mead and potatoes together? If someone tells you that the combination food can do harm to your internal system and drain your energy, what will you do? Different food is made up of different nutrition. If one eats the protein foods and starchy foods together, the digestive function will be affected, even completely suppressed. The undigested food can become the hotbed of bacteria. Therefore, effective food combination can not consume you too much energy.

3.) Adequate intake of protein. Some people think protein can strengthen people’s endurance, but excessive amounts of protein can often do harm to people. The daily demand of protein for a person is 30g, so adequate intake of protein is good for your health. Either too much or too little can bring side-effect to health.

4.) Pressure relieving. Pressure relieving is positive for adjusting the state of sub-health. To different people, Pressure relieving has different meanings. Maybe you can improve the deficiency in your daily life. Hiking in the back country, chatting with others and using more of sense of humor are all good for health.

So when we are making great effort for our life, we need to recognize the difficulties correctly and have a good mentality. We need to treat ourselves better in our life.

Source by Y Hua Brenda

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