Abstract Oil Paintings – Easy to Start, Easy to Do!


Abstract oil painting is an easy gateway to the world of oil paintings for a budding artist. In abstract art, the novice artist does not have to paint anything complicated. In fact, just a few geometric shapes properly placed together with some color thrown in, and the artist is on the path to creating a true masterpiece. Abstract art is such a subjective art style, due to the simple fact that even if a viewer does not know exactly the message the artist was trying to convey through the painting, the person can still form his/her own idea and feelings regarding the work of art. That is the true beauty of abstract oil paintings.

The Beginning

The art of abstract painting had its roots started by eminent late 19th century painters like Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh, and other master artists. Abstract artists relied on complex geometrical shapes and rich, vibrant colors to express their ideas on canvas. Artists of this era followed a style in which their paintings do not generally resemble the actual models or subject matter. There are exceptions, of course, like Vincent Van Gogh’s drawings, which resembled the base models to some extent, but were differently colored to express the artist’s feelings.

Getting Started

Once an artist decides to create an abstract painting using oil on canvas, he/she only needs to let their imagination run wild. The artist is free to play around with shapes and colors to his/her heart’s content. But the paintings do need to be colored vividly in order to showcase the essence of the oil painting to the viewer. The outline of the oil painting is also crucial and the artist should not change the main outline of the oil painting once it has been created.

Moving On

Once the few initial oil paintings have been successfully created and the artist feels that he/she has acquired enough skill and confidence, moving on to more complex artwork is easy. The process is very emotionally rewarding to the artist, as he/she looks at the finished canvas and sees a work of art that expresses his/her own feelings depicted by complex shapes and a kaleidoscope of colors.

Getting Rewarded

Skilled abstract artists can make a comfortable living by selling their own works to collectors or art enthusiasts. Many professional artists are quite successful by selling their oil paintings through online art galleries or art shops.

Abstract art can be an emotionally and financially rewarding hobby. Artists with little or no experience in creating art can easily take up abstract art painting as their way of expressing their inner self. All it takes is a little imagination, and some patience.

Source by Mark Merissa

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