Accepting Credit Cards: Myths and Misconceptions


One of the most popular misconceptions about the accepting credit cards is that credit and debit cards offer the same processing fees. Credit cards charge a higher processing fee than debit cards. Merchants should be aware of the rate that they will be charged for credit cards as well as debit cards. These fees are required to be disclosed to a new merchant when they are entering into an agreement with a processing company.

A second common misconception about card acceptance is that only a bank can be a merchant processor. Many businesses will use their brick and mortar bank for accepting card payments. While this can be a convenient arrangement, it typically costs more money than a third party processor. Banks charge a higher processing fee than third party processing companies. Also, card deposits may only clear one business day faster than a third party processing company would be able to deposit them.

A third common myth about accepting card payments is that the minimum amount to charge while avoiding a fee is $25 a month. However, if the company requires a minimum of $25 charged a month that actually means that $25 in fees must be paid in a month. One example would be a business who ends up paying $15 in credit card fees for a given month. They would need to pay $10 to cover the difference between the fees that they paid and the minimum amount of fees.

A fourth common myth about credit card acceptance is that charge backs are common. A charge back is not common if a retailer takes steps to avoid fraudulent or suspicious transactions. Businesses should always verified that a card is signed and ask for identification when a customer is using their cards. Also, businesses should ensure that the card has all of the necessary information. Always require that the card be present in order to complete the transaction. Never take a credit card number over the phone unless it is simply to secure an item until the customer picks it up.

A fifth common misconception about accepting credit cards is that the merchant processing company with the lowest rate is the best choice. Businesses need to understand what services they will use the most. A business that has a large amount of cards should think about utilizing a merchant processor that has a low discount rate. However, a business with a large debit card customer base should focus on a lower rate on debit card acceptance.

Businesses should carefully review their options to find the merchant account processor that is right for their needs. Credit card interchange fees, minimum fees, debit card swipe fees and other charges are variable from processor to processor. Any business who is looking for a merchant processor should verify their fees, review the companies charge back policy, ensure that they are receiving the lowest fees for the card type the majority of their customers present as well as work with a merchant processor who deposits funds quickly. Businesses who are able to find a credit card processing company that meets these steps will be able to function efficiently.

Source by Douglas R Perry

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