Add Rodeo Bull Riding To Your Family Entertainment Center


If you own a Family Entertainment Center, Indoor Fun Center or FEC, do you know that mechanical bull riding has made a comeback? It is no longer just a cowboy drunken bar thing on a Friday night. Even the children now can ride as there are machines designed just for them. It is fun, safe, and family time anytime.

So, what type of bull riding should a company choose for their FEC? It just depends on what type of center they have. If it’s an Indoor Fun Center designed mainly for the children, try either a Soft Foam Safety Head Bull or Angus McRodeo. Although the younger kids love an Angus McRodeo Bull, it’s basically meant for kids under 5 so if you’re crowd is made up of older kids too, the Soft Foam Safety Head Bull will probably work best.

The Soft Head Bull is unique as the heads can be changed out to keep it fresh and different every week. You can even see how popular one bull head is to another to bring in business. There are three heads to choose from: Macho, Crazy Cow, and the regular head. How the heads are made is using a material called Sofolex. This is soft foam that will eliminate any injuries. These heads has LED eyes that flash and they can be bolted to the body of the bull to change out. They look very real.

The Deluxe Mechanical Bull Riding Machine has a blow up western corral theme, with a blower, using the Macho Bull design. When the rope is grabbed by the rider the bull is activated. When the rider falls off the bull, then the rope is released. The bull will stop automatically. The bull will have a real bucking and spinning motion with real looking flashing eyes. There is a wooden crate to complete the western theme, which houses the console. There are two LED clocks, six automatic pre-set programs, a Joystick, and a LED display.

For total family fun at a Family Entertainment Center you must try the Premium Mechanical Bull. This is a very real western setting as an inflatable. It’s bright with the green grass for the bottom and a yellow fence. There is even a LED scoreboard that shows the rider’s time and the best time of the day. The console looks like a wooden crate. The bull comes with an Automatic Stop Sensor for safety. The bull’s head is soft foam for safety. There are two styles to choose from, a Macho or Regular Bull. This will bring a crowd of people in just to watch and entertain while other people will do their best to best the bull!

The FEC business, as we all know, is extremely competitive. The only way to stay at the top is to change your equipment frequently. That’s where the mechanical bull comes in. If you purchase a mechanical bull multi ride unit, you’ll be able to offer all types of rides, with simple attachment changes. How about a surf machine, mechanical football ride, or even a mechanical reindeer.

If you want your business to grow and keep your customers coming back again and again… think Mechanical Bull!

Source by Cheryl Pierce

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