Adding Youtube Videos To Your Myspace Profile


Everyone has seen MySpace profiles with loaded with so many pictures, glitter graphics, and colors that their heads spin. While there are many sites that allow you to edit your profile BACKGROUND, it’s not always clear how to add videos from YouTube on your MySpace profile. This article aims to teach very novice MySpace users how to get the videos on to their profiles.

There are 2 ways this can be done: either automated or manually.


The easiest way to get that pesky YouTube video on your MySpace is to get a site to do all the legwork for you!!! Yes, there are sites that automate the process. The most well-known is MyTuber ([]). Basically, you can browse any YouTube video on MyTuber (it pulls directly from YouTube’s database), put in your MySpace information, and it posts it to whatever section you specify. 1-2-3, easy as can be!

Positives: easy, quick, absolutely zero knowledge needed

Negatives: not as customizable as the manual method


Browse YouTube, copy the “embed code” on the page. After you have copied the embed code, log on to MySpace. Once you are logged on to MySpace, edit your profile, and place the video in whatever section you want. Make sure you save your changes. By using the manual method, you’ll have some more control over certain aspects of how the video displays, but you’ll also have to know html to tweak them.

Positives: accomplishes goal, customizable if you know html

Negatives: tedious

Whatever method you chose, your MySpace profile will be happier because of it!

Source by David Somerset

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