Adoption Of LAMP Stack For Your Business And Its Advantages


If you are aware of open source programing, then chances are high that you have heard of LAMP technology or LAMP stack. You may even know that LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, My SQL, and PHP and it is an open source development platform. At its core it uses Linux as its operating system and has been quite popular among software developers.

Stacks are usually defined as a bundle of software that contains the site’s back end. It can be anything from the operating system and APIs, web servers and programming frameworks. Each component of the stack provides a layer for the compatibility and binding them together makes it easier to download and deploy. All the products that create the LAMP stack are included in it by default and together they make a very powerful web application platform.

The free or open source approach:

• All the components that make up the LAMP stack are a great example of free and open source software. The advantage of this approach is three fold. First, the nature of FOSS applications are can be downloaded for free thereby making them easily available for a wide range of people who would otherwise have to invest in commercial tools that are often more expensive.

• Second, the licenses are open and so they have very little restrictions on their usage and also on the deployment of the applications that are based on the free and open source technology. LAMP development based projects don’t have to pay license fees and this is also another reason of its immense popularity among professionals.

• The third major reason of the growth of FOSS technology like LAMP software is that users have an easy access to the sources and this makes it easier to fix the faults and enhance the applications. This of course simplifies the development process for enterprises and offer huge flexibility that is usually not available with any commercial based products.

LAMP development for your business:

Choosing the LAMP development platform for your business offers a great alternative to commercial packages and it also works as a bundle of software programs that offer the required platform needed to develop and even implement any web based applications and servers. LAMP offers an effective and popular means of developing enterprise level solutions because of its great customization, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Scalability: LAMP is incredibly scalable and with your business growing the application can also grow, which can be vertical growth, with more processes or programs included in an application or horizontal that is needed to run on more machines.

Customization: Since LAMP is an open source platform, developers have built up various additional components and modules that offer additional functionality. This allows people to customize their components easily according to their business needs.

Easy to develop and deploy: Developers can create powerful apps by using the LAMP technology in simply few lines of code and the deployment of the application is also easy. Most of the hosting services offer LAMP based environments as the desired standard or they can also be deployed by using a Linux distribution.

Security: With so many developers continually working on the improvement of this technology, the platform has become very secure and stable. The problems are fixed very quickly without any costly support services.

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