Adventure in Your Business: 5 Ways to Express Your Spirit of Adventure in Your Working Life!


As a female business owner or manager you undoubtedly possess a strong sense of adventure; a drive to step out and do things differently; possibly a desire to see change! The type of woman who is independent, forward thinking and confident enough to go out on her own and establish a successful, profitable business must possess an adventurous spirit. However there is a difference between having an adventurous soul and continuing to live it day-to-day. There is a danger that as you move towards success in your business, you get caught up in the treadmill of task lists and neglect the side of your personality that took this massive step in the first place.

The great news is that you have a choice. Do you want your overwhelming ‘to-do’ list to suppress the adventurous spirit that got you here in the first place? OR do you believe that the ability to take carefully calculated risks and do things differently is essential to your passion and drive for what you do? Perhaps you also believe that your ability to express your creative side is a huge contributor in attracting clients, suppliers and other stakeholders towards you? If you answered yes to the above questions, then you are clearly committed to keeping the spirit of adventure alive in your business! Of course the reality of owning and running a small business means you need that sometimes you simply put your head down and get on with the job, but if you want to continue to LOVE working in your small businesses, you must also practice expressing your:

  • daring and courage
  • diversity and uniqueness
  • fun and creativity and of course,
  • your spirit of adventure!

Where is your spirit of adventure? Does it continue to shine through as it did when you pioneered your work? What steps do you take on a regular basis to ensure you continue to express your unique sense of adventure? Take a few moments now to think about how alive your creative and adventurous spirit is in your business.

  • Your workspace? What sort of look / feel / space does your workspace inspire? Is it neat and tidy, freeing you up for creative thinking? Or is it too rigid? Perhaps it is disorganized – which may work well for your creative thinking, or could distract you? Is it colorful and lively? Do you have a clear space in which you find it easy to work? What does your working space do to promote or inhibit your creative, daring side?
  • Your headspace? How would you describe your thought patterns and head space during your working day – stressed / relaxed / fun-loving / tired…..What do you do in the morning to set yourself up for a great day of work? If you constantly feel pressured and stressed, how will this limit your ability to think outside the square?
  • Your work style? Examine the way in which you work, for example, the way in which you write your to-do lists. Is this very rigid – on lined paper in black pen, or do you write colorful lists on posters? How do you organize your diary? Could you be more creative here to promote fun and enjoyment;
  • Your core values? Reconnecting with your personal and professional values on a regular basis is key to keeping the spirit of your business alive. Have you placed any importance on this recently? How often do you reconnect with your core values?
  • Re-connecting with your spirit of adventure? When did you last step outside of your comfort zone? Either in work or at home, how often do you really challenge yourself? What could be a new challenge (large or small) that you could take on in the next week, simply to remind yourself just how adventurous (and how competent, fun and creative) you truly are!

What is ONE THING you can you do RIGHT NOW to step up and express your adventurous spirit more fully as you go about your work?!!! Taking these small steps towards re-igniting your spirit of adventure will inspire a greater connection with your work and nurture your ability to think more creatively, ultimately bringing your working life into closer alignment with who you are as a person!

Source by Jo Foster

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