Agyaat Movie Review – Jungle Bungle


Agyaat suffers from a flimsy, predictable storyline that has been seen many times over; with a ‘Predator ‘like thing constantly knocking one person in the jungle after the other. The story is about a film crew coming to a dense forest to shoot a film. There is a tantrum throwing hero Sharman (Gautam), Asha (Priyanka Kothari), South Indian film producer Moorthy(Ishrat Ali), eccentric director J J(Howard), a subservient spot boy Laxman (Ishtiyak Khan), the idealistic cameraman Shakky (Kali Prasad), action director Rakka(Kale), assistant director Suraj(Nitin Reddy) and script supervisor girl Sameera(Rasika Duggal). Suraj secretly loves the actress Asha, while Sameera pines for Suraj.

The film crew decided to go for a camping trip for two days, where there is a break in their shooting. One by one, each team member dies by an invisible(Agyaat) force. Obviously the remaining two survivors are Asha and Sujal. The story is nothing different from Darna Mana Hain where a group of college students go for a picnic, and each of them are killed. While in that one, horror had a face in the form of a serial killer, in Agyaat, there is no face for horror. In fact, there is no base for horror as you will realize by the end. Without telling you the ending, we can see it will be a rude shock for you!

Plus points of Agyaat:

o The performance of actors in the film especially Gautam Rode, Nitin Reddy, Ishtiyak Khan and Priyanka Kothari.

o Priyanka Kothari looks and acts amazing. Nitin Reddy is fit, has good abs and dances very well.

o Full marks to Ram Gopal Varma to experiment with new actors. Regardless of how frivolous his movies are, one cannot negate the fact that he has the potential to make household names out of rank new actors.

o Good camera work especially in the scene where the eccentric director JJ is killed. Unlike other movies of RGV, where the camera would deceive the audiences by exaggerating trivial things as horror, here the camera has a wide screen view and creates thrill in a better manner.

Minus points:

o 75 percent of the 1st half has no story. Whatever is remaining is Predator stuff.

o Screenplay is amateurish and dialogues are dismal. Some of the dialogues are rehashed from Ramu’s earlier films. Dialogues like ‘Tujhe haath kya payr bhi lagauna’ is lifted from Rangeela.

o Ram Gopal Varma should realize that he was making a horror movie, not a serial that people can watch for free. He will definitely invite the ire of people, even though he paves the way for a sequel.

Final point: Agyaat promo says, “You cannot escape the unknown” You will prove it wrong when you watch it. The movie is scary. Run.

Source by Arunraj V.S.

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