American Express Blue Vs American Express Clear


American Express has been a prime provider of credit cards for many aspiring cardholders. It offers its customers a wide variety of credit cards that are primarily composed of standard credit cards, rewards credit cards, cash back credit cards, or specialized cards. Among the most notable of its offers are the American Express Blue and the American Express Clear.

Blue from American Express

This credit card grants its cardholders with an opportunity to design their own set of privileges and responsibilities. If you get this card, you can choose between paying in full on a monthly basis and paying overtime. You can also choose which rewards system will be applied to your card for every dollar that you spend. You can earn points through your everyday purchases but you can earn even more points if you shop online at the American Express Bonus Points Mall. Setting up an automated bills payment for your household utilities will also let you earn double rewards. You can redeem all the points that you earn and use it for travel expenses, leisure and entertainment experiences, merchandise purchases, and more.

What’s good about this credit card is introductory offer. It has a Zero APR for all your purchases that you make for the first twelve months of your card use. There are also no annual fees applied. As for the balance transfer rate, there will be an APR of 2.99% for the first year. However, standard APR rates will be applied thereafter. Blue also offers express approval. If you apply now, you can get their feedback in a minute.

Clear from American Express

Just like the Blue Card, the Clear credit card also has flexible payment terms. You can choose to pay in full every month and you can also carry a balance. American Express also makes sure that you receive payment due reminders. Aside from the usual rewards and points that you will get for every dollar you spend through the card, you will also get the American Express branded shopping card that amounts to $25 every time your expenses reach $2,500. This shopping card will be delivered right on your doorstep.

The Clear credit card also offers no fees. You won’t have to worry about annual fees or missed payment fees. Even exceeding the credit limit of your card will not incur you any fees. There are also no cash advance fees. For the first 12 months of your card use, you will get a Zero APR matched with a 3.99% balance transfer rate. After the first year however, your rates can be as low as 8.99% or as high as 18.99%.

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