American Express Online Banking Review


American Express Online Banking is a new initiative for American Express.  This is great news for online banking consumers.  This review will provide you with an overview of Amex bank.

Amex Bank allows 24/7 access to your money that allows for you to manage it at a time and place that is convenient for you to do so. As a global company, American Express can take care of all of your credit card, financial services travel and insurance needs.  Now, you can also handle all of your online banking needs.

This new bank is made up of the American Express Corporation and many partner banking institutions. These banking institutions cover the globe. Most of these financial institutions offer the same features when it applies to Internet banking. These include the ability to pay a variety of bills online.

Good examples are not only utilities bills but also your mortgage payment and credit cards. This is for not only those accounts with Amex but with other financial institutions. This is also a way to transfer funds from one account to another.

For those customers that uses quicken software, the data from their account with Amex is downloadable directly onto their computer for use in this software.

It also provides services that allow for the investment into money market accounts or accepts applications of low interest rate line of credit.  Its online services have been operating for almost a decade now. Because of this they have not only the most experience but also know what services customers utilize the most and offer them.

For those clients that are new to American Express online banking, there is a customer service number they can call and get one on one help with navigating the online services. For those customers that are use to using a computer there are general tutorials and troubleshooting guides when something is not understood.

Source by Mark V Collins

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