America’s Infatuation with Hollywood Stars


I am sure we all are infatuated with  Hollywood  stars. From the time of the birth of the movie capital of the world,  Hollywood , we cannot take our eyes off these charming people. They can even be called the Royal Family of America if this is not too insolent. Unfortunately, the infatuation with  Hollywood  Stars grows into an obsession for some fans. These fans transform their homes into shrines to their favorite celebrity. Their lives become centered on just one idea – the  Hollywood  Stars.

 Hollywood  is not trying to prevent this ugly situation either. In fact,  Hollywood  does everything it can to promote this fascination with  Hollywood  stars. Both young and old actors are subjected to this. Even the dead  Hollywood  stars cannot rest in peace because they are constantly the subject of gossip.

On the World-Wide-Web, you can find information on how to track a star or simply some gossips concerning the personal life of the  Hollywood  star (if the  Hollywood  star succeeds in having one at all). We may say that Internet nurtures this obsession in many people.

You can read on the net where a  Hollywood  star lives, where a  Hollywood  star goes shopping, which night club a  Hollywood  star visits, where a  Hollywood  star goes to church, where a  Hollywood  star is laid to rest!

The famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre sidewalk is a place where many  Hollywood  stars have eternalized their handprints and footprints in the cement. This is one of the obsessed fans’ favorite places for tourism.

 Hollywood  stars realize that they have become legends when they are invited to leave their footprint in the cement.  Hollywood  stars as Groucho Marx and John Wayne have preferred to represent their personalities by leaving a style mark. Such style marks are Groucho Marx’s cigar and John Wayne’s fist.

Tourist agencies offer tours around the  Hollywood  stars’ homes. I was frankly surprised when I heard that some  Hollywood  stars specialize in presenting scenes of celebrity scandals and deaths. If you wish, you can visit the house where Marilyn Monroe died, where Sharon Tate was murdered, and where O.J.Simpson was arrested.

I almost feel obliged to add that there are tourist agencies, which offer visits to graves of  Hollywood  stars. They give profound information how to find such notabilities as Jimmy Stewart, Lucille Ball, Spencer Tracy or Gregory Peck.

If do not succeed to come across a real  Hollywood  star or you do not like the idea of visiting a grave,  Hollywood  offers wax museums for you. There next to each other are placed Clint Eastwood and Spider-Man!

Very attractive turn out to be the  Hollywood  stars of the 1940’s, 50’s and early 60’s. This can be explained by the fact that these decades had been a more glamorized time and then the  Hollywood  stars were compared with royalties.

 Hollywood  was a completely different world in the past,  Hollywood  stars either were different. During the 1940’s, 50’s and early 60’s the  Hollywood  stars were just a part of the studio system, signed up to the studios and protected by them. However, scandals were bursting even then. This was a romantic time. This was the time when the bad guys wore black hats and the good guys wore white hats. This was the time when the man stood up when the lady entered the room.

Source by Morgan Hamilton

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