Announcing a Spiritual Technology For the Atomic Age


Attention all with an interest in a Quantum Mechanical Interpretation of the Bible. For the First Time in human history: We are Pleased to announce that just such a Thing is NOW Available!!!

This revolutionary standard of enlightened understanding is closer than you might have guessed. It stands apart from all others by integrating quantum dynamics with traditional church vocabulary as well as common language. You will not be given the exact mathematics but you will be given the opportunity to put the pieces together for yourself. You will discover a vast storehouse of Wisdom and Spiritual Technology and learn how to become a New Generation Thinker. This radical new standard leaves no room for deception unless that is what you desire.

What is this new Spiritual Technology you may be wondering? Well, let us say that it is like a coin that has two sides to it, but there is also a ridge that runs along the edge that represents all that is within the coin. The two faces of this coin are the Bible and Your Personal Consciousness. Our Technology is the interface between these two sides, which makes them both one and the same. See how that works??? Pretty simple huh?

So just how does the Bible and Personal Consciousness relate, you may be asking? It is only fair to warn you; that if you continue reading you might want to expect personal consciousness to become obsolete or continue to struggle with the Truth. If you are still with us, then prepare to jettison your preconceived ideas, because here we go.

According to our Spiritual Technology the Bible is all about your relationship with God as a personal identity so long as you remain outside the New Covenant. Under the New Covenant there is no relationship because it a Covenant of ONE being Unified. This brings us face to face with the dichotomy of relative and absolute. If you are thinking at this point, holy crap now we’ve gone and went overboard, you are exactly right and you had better get used to it, because on the other side of where everyone else is hoping to go, is where we like to get started!!! So anyhow the dichotomy of relative and absolute may seem incomprehensible, but it is actually quite simple really, it goes like this.

Relative cannot be absolute without losing its relativity and the Absolute cannot be relative and remain Absolute. That is the problem, it’s like turning left and right at the same time, it would seem you have to choose. However we have found that at the point of Absolution is the interface between the two and once you are absolved then you will understand our Spiritual Technology.

Until you receive absolution, you will be wondering what we are talking about. Once you find the interface between relative and absolute, then we can conclude this whole subject by referring you to the NOWWAY.

Source by B Weiser

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