Anti-Theft Deterrence for Enterprise Laptops


Laptop computers and mobile devices are easier to lose to carelessness and/or theft than you may realize. According to some estimates, a laptop gets stolen about once every 50 seconds. Some of the more common locations for theft include: schools, residences, cars, and airports. If your organization allows employees to take laptops, mobile devices, or USB drives off site, your data is at risk. Even if it doesn’t, your employees may be storing enterprise data on personal devices or accessing the network from their home laptops and PCs. While you’ll need to address any unclear data policies your organization may have, you’ll also want to consider implementing an anti-theft deterrence solution across the enterprise. Hard drive encryption software can play an important role in ensuring that should an enterprise laptop get lost or stolen, its hard drive won’t reveal its secrets.

What is Hard Drive Encryption Software?

Hard drive encryption software is used to encrypt the contents of a hard disk. Unless a user enters the correct “key” to “unlock” the disk, the data cannot be read. Even with sophisticated data recovery tools, the data would appear as sheer gibberish because it’s encrypted. By installing hard drive encryption software on a laptop, you can thwart laptop thieves. While you’ll have to replace a stolen laptop, you can rest assured that your data is safe from prying eyes.

Laptop Theft Deterrents

Of course, it’s best if a laptop is not stolen in the first place. With that in mind, it’s smart to use hard drive encryption software in conjunction with other anti-theft deterrents.

Visual deterrents – Identification tags and locks put thieves on alert that you’re not an easy target. If your laptop is hot pink with large “property of” stickers on it, it certainly won’t be as easy for a thief to slip away with it unnoticed as it would be for a thief to do with a generic looking laptop. Laptop locks make it even more difficult as the lock itself must be dealt with.

Software deterrents – As mentioned earlier, hard drive encryption software is a must. While designed to protect data after a theft, some hard drive encryption software can prevent someone from hacking into your computer when it’s unattended. For example, SecureDoc Enterprise Server uses Intel Anti-Theft Technology-enabled software to detect suspicious behaviors such as excessive login attempts. Imagine locking your laptop to a table at a local business center and stepping away for a few moments. If someone thinks they can crack your password by trying the names of your kids and then sneak a peek at your data while you’re gone, they’d be wrong thanks to this feature (and your much more secure password strategy).

Laptops are easily lost or stolen, making it important for every laptop that leaves your organization to be protected with hard drive encryption software. Consider a robust solution such as SecureDoc Enterprise server to more fully manage laptop and mobile device security across the entire enterprise.

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