Apple Overtakes Microsoft


Say what? I was surprised when I read this today, too. This is major news on all the media networks. Not the almighty Microsoft that has ruled the technology world forever. Apple is now the biggest and most valuable technology company in the world.

They just became the biggest technology company in the world because all the recent hype of their latest products. There has been such hype about their new products the iPad, iPhone, and the Macintosh computer that they have attracted many more investors in the last couple of weeks. The ability to add apps on their products has stimulated a tremendous amount of growth for small companies and has also given their customers a whole lot more options with their products. May 26 Apple’s market value was at $222.1 billion which has just passed Microsoft’s $219.2 billion. They became the second largest US stock only being second to Exxon Mobil. This is impressive because at one time they were on the verge of bankruptcy, but since Steve Jobs came back to the company and the iPod was released the company has been steadily moving up.

Microsoft has been a slow decline for some time now. Microsoft’s CEO Steve Balmer made recent comments about their troubles in Europe caused their stock to fall even more. Investors just are not as excited with them anymore because there has not been a release of any new and exciting products lately. The Zune and some other mediocre products have disappointed investors. Microsoft software is still on the majority of the PC’s in the world, so the company is still in good shape and most people imagine they will be here for a long time to come.

How long will Apple stay on top? Will Microsoft bounce back? No one knows for sure, but Microsoft is an impressive company. Apple just has the hottest products out there at the moment.

Source by Zachary Angster

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