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Arbe’s art has become tremendously popular across the world. Ara Berberyan, better known as Arb, is a painter from Armenia. Berberyan’s extreme talent and creativity was recognized at a young age by his father, a known and respected artist and professor of Art and Design. Already at the age of twelve, Arbe took part in his first successful exhibition entitled “The World by Children’s Eyes”. This Soviet sponsored exposition toured the world form Italy, to France, to Canada, and the United States. This was when Arbe’s art was first displayed internationally.

Ara Berberyan was later invited to the University of Art and Designing in Yerevan, the nation’s capital, to continue his education in the arts. The work of famous painters such as Dali, Picasso, and especially Klimt, served as Arbe’s inspiration during his studies to complete a Master of Art degree. Ara succeeded in finding and reviewing these renowned artists’ works even though they were extremely difficult to come by during the Soviet rule. In 1981, Arbe successfully finished his education and did not delay in the development of his artistic career. Arb’s art was commissioned by the government for various public venues such as theaters, hotels, and even the Yerevan Airport.

Although, times in the Soviet union were very tough for many artists, Arbe prospered and managed to keep busy at work. The Architectural Office “Gostproect” commissioned the artist to design facades for numerous public spaces, buildings, and offices. The ever present influence of Gustav Klimt was easily recognized in these projects. Arbe adorned the facades with elaborate marble patterns and gold ornaments. Work for private clients and government officials followed. Arbe created various landscapes, portraits, and murals for private commissions.

Arbe’s art pieces are primarily oil on canvas. Abstract backgrounds with added metallic textures are also common incorporations in his work. The use of gold and silver leafs, no doubt inspired by Gustav Klimt, adds a deepness and three dimensional aspect to Arbe’s art. The artist generally enriches his earth tone palette with vibrant additions of reds, purples, and blues. However, the attention grabbing aspect of Berberyan’s work remains the hand worked metals, like gold and silver. Arbe’s art is an exquisite mixture of classic and modern with touches of Armenian legends, history, and some biblical themes.

Source by Billy Cutler

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