Architecture in the Twenty-First Century Includes Technology Like Online AutoCAD Programs


If you’ve been watching any television this past two weeks, you will have seen some amazing architecture from the Olympics in China. There was a quote from one of two athletes from Somalia that was interesting. They didn’t know for sure what the bubble like building was, let alone that it was a building that housed one of the world’s premier swimming venues. That and all of the other strange and wonderful buildings built just for the occasion. Some of the structures on paper looked like they would be nearly impossible to build. Fortunately there is computer aided design and drawing. Without it, it would be interesting to figure out the angles, curves and loads to be able to support such a bizarre structure.

Computers are integral in today’s architecture design world. It is so integral that you can get an online AutoCAD program that can be shared amongst several users so each designer can have access to the latest drawing. There is no more waiting to print out an idea and share it and make sure that it is the latest rendition. One of the best is a Buzzsaw alternative that can be found online. The benefits are amazing to the architecture world as well as the construction world. To be able to build these amazing structures takes a construction team that fully understands how to read an architect’s drawing. Some of the buildings in Dubai are more examples of art and architecture combining into functional structures.

Without the ability for hosting AutoCAD file management it would be practically impossible to build these structures. It makes you wonder how they built some of the amazing structures in the past. How did they get the designs for such wonderful architecture as the Taj Mahal without the aid of computers? Who then built them to the specifications of those fabulous minds that created the plan? Makes you wonder what’s next?

Source by Alice Lane

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