Are We Overwhelmed With Entertainment?


If we humans today were suddenly transported back in time to a hundred years ago, the majority of us might die from boredom before we could return to our own time. Although there are a few occasions when we like to sit around and talk, play a board game, venture outside, we do these things only when we want to and not because we have to.

We are a society that is definitely spoiled by the many entertainment options available to us. When radio was first invented, it was an invention that many could not believe possible. The ability to hear stories and entertaining shows that did not come from a real person sitting in our living room was incredible.

Then along came television. What a life changing invention that was. People had been enjoying going to moving picture theatres for years, but to be able to watch them at home was like a dream no one ever imagined could come true. Families all across the world began buying televisions left and right. Eating in front of the television became a great family tradition.

Today we have cable, satellite, computer, the internet, cell phones, mp3 players, and more. We can be entertained in some way by all of them. Some items we keep at home to entertain ourselves with like our bigger televisions, desk top computers, and stereo systems. We are well accustomed to having these items by now.

Then there are our devices that travel along with us. Things like DVD players in our vehicles, our laptops, cell phones and music playing devices. Now we can hardly imagine our selves going any where without these things. They have become such an everyday part of our lives that we often take for granted.

The types of entertainment we get from all the devices ranges from satellite and cable television programs along with their pay per view and video on demand capabilities. The computer offers us the internet and video on demand. Our cell phones can provide our telephone necessities as well as photography, internet, text messaging, and video on demand too.

No one can really blame us for enjoying and becoming dependent on all these wonderful inventions. They are simply too good to be denied. If people a hundred years ago had been able to have all these things, they would have loved them too. It is not our fault, but the fault of all those father’s of invention that has caused us to become a society of entertainment junkies!

Source by Dror Klar

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