Art – An Internal Attachment With Mankind


Art has since times immemorial been a very closely woven part in the life and activities of man. There is hardly any emotion of man that has not found its manifestation in one form of art or the other. In all its different forms, art has always been able to soothe man and support him in numerous ways and means. It would be an understatement to say that man creates art. Art exists in almost all activities, all doings of man and even beyond that.

Talking about a subject as immensely vast as this requires a lot of research, patience and endurance. More often than not, we tend to wander into different scopes, thus side lining our main topic. Limiting our field of attention for today within the boundaries of some specific forms of visual art, let’s say paintings, architecture, sculpture, etc., the world of art has been taken by a thunderstorm with new artists coming up with their extraordinary works and the changing trends in the expression of art. Especially, the term ‘Modern Art’ which was seemed to be coined by amateurs and the part of the crowd which welcomed the abstract form of art that was not everyone’s cup of tea, has become a common genre these days. The name, ‘Modern Art’ has been used to describe and refer to a number of pieces of art which are abstract and offer something different, or as we call, express something ‘hatke’ than the usual works of artisans and painters. Not being limited to paintings, this form of art has also spread in fields such as sculpture and architecture, which again depict a lot about the emotions of the artist and give the audience quite an insight into the artist’s ways of expression.

The best part about these art forms are that they exist in today’s world where there are a number of options and facilities available to preserve and display the masterpieces where the public can view as well as appreciate these forms. Facilities such as art galleries and art museums are dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of great works of art & various artists where these are open for a rendezvous with the public. Famous art galleries all over the world put in their tremendous efforts to restore various art works; be it of the present generation artists or the masterpieces of artists of the previous centuries; and help the people reminisce in the forms of arts that have been changing over the centuries. There is a vast difference between the art forms, i.e.

the paintings and sculptures made by the cave man at the inception of time and what the artists create today. However, the best part is that these different art pieces are able to find shelter under the same roof, the art galleries. Be it any country in the world, art galleries play an important role in maintaining the rich cultural heritage of any country, it’s people and the phases in the development of that country.

Source by Pankaj Kadam

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