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What is an  Art  Angel?

An Angel is defined as “a kind person“, “a guardian and guide“, or “a financial backer“. An  Art  Angel is all of these things and more. An  Art  Angel draws upon a diverse wealth of knowledge, and a varied set of specialized skills, in order to support and facilitate the primary goal of the Artist, and that is to paint.

While putting paint to paper or canvas is the first and foremost objective for any Artist, it’s in their blood, it’s what they live for, more often than naught a successful artist can easily get bogged down with tasks associated with finishing the final product and taking it “to market”. This is where the  Art  Angel comes into play. An  Art  Angel is often a spouse, a partner, a loved one, a family member, a friend, and in some instances even, a complete stranger. In my case, both my husband and my son have been at my side during this entire journey of becoming an artist and both are my beloved  Art  Angels.

Once the paint is dried and the painting signed, so begins the task of finishing the final product. Generally the painting needs to be matted and framed and often my  Art  Angel husband helps me name the painting and then acts as a second set of eyes with which to select the color of matting and style of framing.

But the really big job is marketing!  Art  Shows and Street Fairs take a lot of time with form submissions, getting to and from the show or exhibit, setting up and then taking down, packing up and finally putting everything away. Coming up with ideas for advertising is another area most artists consider a bother. There is also the task of record keeping and sales tax forms which need to be filled out, all of which take time away from the Artist who just wants to use their creative talents to paint.

In my case, I am very lucky to have two  Art  Angels, my husband and my son. My husband handles the paperwork, keeps inventory records, takes photos of my paintings, prints greeting cards, manages marketing etc. while my son is a whiz with the computer and has been a godsend working on, changing and updating my website and blog.

Source by Maren Waddill

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