Art Deco Furnishing – Revival And Impact


The Profession of Interior design is a long-standing one. Structures ranging from business centres to residences are decorated to look attractive, artistic and comfortable. This is achieved by following some varied design principles. Before initiating the Interior designing process, its eminent that you decide the style you want your home or office to encompass or incorporate. One such design concept is called the  Art  Deco which has been popular over many years.

The 1920’s and late 1930’s saw an upward surge in the popularity and use of  art  deco. It was used more as a decorative style and design.  Art  deco is a fusion of techniques involving cubism and futurism. It has practicality and utility and the ability to express.  Art  Deco finds inspiration in sources such as Egyptian, African and Aztec Mexican. It also draws examples from organized technology; aviation being one of them. A home decorator can use these styles to decorate the interiors. The  art  deco style comes in handy in these experiments helping to create varied designs and styles.

Materials used in an  art  deco interior design are hard or metallic materials. Some of these are lacquer, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. Sometimes rare materials such as shark skin and zebra skin are also used. Since  art  deco interior design is practical and simple, it was used a lot during the Great Depression.

Over the years however the use and demand of  art  deco had diminished. In the past few years, there has been a fair amount of revival of  art  deco style. It has resurfaced as a good choice for styling and interior decoration of structures. In the decades gone by, various skyscrapers which had used the  art  deco styling are no more in existence. They have been demolished. Had they been present today, they would have exemplified the practicality and endurance of this style. The elegance would have made a style statement by itself. There is still an example though – The Empire State Building. One look is enough to effectively convey the gist of this article.

 Art  deco style portrays durability and power. The Heavy foundation and the thick metal portray a strong character. There is no need to csay any further.

If you decide to use  art  deco for your home or business centre, then you should also decide in advance the effect that you would like it to portray since the influences of the Egyptian styles are dominant in  art  deco styling. Such buildings give out a pyramidal look. The popularity of  art  deco during the Great Depression was evident and so many decades after its revival, the impact of  art  deco hasn’t waned at all.

Source by Adam Peters

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