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Hi, so the other day I was on Yahoo Answers, and I came across someone asking for some tips on starting to do art. This person wanted to know about color, how to make things realistic, etc. Well I told them, there are some fundamentals they should look over before starting.

Of course, anyone can do art and no matter what, it’ll be a great piece of work because art is objective. However, there are fundamentals to design that my basic design teacher said “if in doubt, use the fundamentals.”

The Fundamentals:









Each of these can help you if you don’t know where to go with your piece of art. These are not rules! More like guidelines, so you can do whatever you want to make art. It’s important to know that art is a form of expression and that you should do art for you – it shouldn’t be seen as work.

What if I want to do art for a living?

Well if you want to go into design, or be a freelance artist, or just something that deals with art, the art you do should still be seen as fun. In this case, learning the basic fundamentals would be very beneficial.

I always tell people that if they want to learn how to draw or paint to whatever, is to practice! Art is a process and you should always try to practice. Also, I think references are very important. How are you going to learn to draw something from memory if you don’t understand how something is in real life? Like if you want to draw a face, you have to understand the basic measurements and look of a face.

If you want to draw someone, like a family member, if you’re drawing from memory then chances are you may just draw a stereotypical face – just eyes, a nose and mouth. But if you want to draw your family member, you need to know what makes that person look that way. Don’t just draw eyes but almond eyes, or full lips – draw them and not what you think they look like. In cases like these, references help loads! I always use references when I draw.

Another thing I suggest to people that if they want to achieve a certain look when painting or in photography, is to look at other pieces of art work and try to recreate it. That way you can learn some techniques used to achieve the look and style you want and possibly come up with your own techniques.

The most important thing when starting to do art work is to practice! Learning the fundamentals, having references and recreating works of art you like will help you along your journey of learning art.

Source by Lauren Samara

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