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I often hear the questions, “What is the best way to select art for a room?” or, “Should it be original, posters or prints?” There is no right or wrong answer for the type of art that you place in your home. Some people view art as personal and have a vested interest emotionally in most or all of the pieces for their home while others are most concerned with making sure the art coordinates with the room design.

If you are uncertain about selecting art for your room, I have five tips to help boost your confidence when shopping for art.

Look at magazines and design books for inspiration. Focus on the room design first. If you like the style of the overall room, chances are you will like the type of art that is placed in the space. Use those images as inspiration and search the internet or local galleries for similar art.

Browse thrift and consignment stores for framed art. You are sure to get a good deal here. You may find the perfect image already framed. However, if the frame is ideal but the image is not, then ditch the art and reuse the frame. Just make sure you have the right sized image for the frame and that the frame style marries well with the image.

Check newspapers for estate sales. Depending on the preferred style of the previous homeowner you may find something that interests you at a real bargain. Be mindful that at times these private sales could be conducted by unscrupulous dealers and your purchase may not have much if any resale value; however, it could have the decorative value you seek.

Think outside the box for ideas. Who says original art has to cost a ton of money? You could buy a canvas from a local craft store, some acrylic paint and create an abstract masterpiece of your own. Art created by the hands of your children is precious and can be placed in any room throughout the house. Mount and frame your favorite magazine image or swatch of fabric for a unique design.

Choose at least one piece of art that complements your personality. It could be representative of a place once visited, your favorite colors, your favorite images or a subject matter that is special to you. Every time you walk by it your heart will warm.

No matter your taste, take the time to find the right image, the right frame and the right area to place it so it will be enjoyed for years to come.

Source by Penny Law

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