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England has a long history of fine  art  and artists. There are currently two famous international exhibitions being shown in The British Museum, London.

Over the years, the Victorians had a fascination with Egyptian  Art  and History. The museums in London have been collecting Egyptian  art  for over a century. The British Museum in particular is currently exhibiting the Egyptian Book of the Dead. This book is a guide to the dying of their journey to the afterlife. Life after death has always been a main subject in the writings of the ancient Egyptians. The goal being to journey safely and comfortably to paradise after the mortal death. The Egyptian Book of the Dead provided a guide for this journey. The Book is written in hieroglyphics, a pictorial ancient language used by the Ancient Egyptians. Individuals needed objects to make their life comfortable in the afterlife.

Burying the dead originally began with putting rocks over the dead body so that animals would not devour their loved ones. Later this progressed, and burying the dead became more protective and advanced, small tombs were built. These tombs were built larger and larger and until finally they became what we know today as the pyramids. It was thought that by leaving precious works of  art  and other valuable objects, the dead person would be more comfortable in their next life. Britain has now become world famous for its fine collection of Egyptian artifacts.

The British Museum is also displaying two Bodhisattvas. A Bodhisattva is the Buddha’s version of a saint. These two sculptures were created to be used in special rituals by the family in the remembrance of their deceased emperor.

The British have a fine list of renowned national artists, such as Tony Cragg. He is well known for his plastic sculptures. His work is current, and reflects the materials and the mood of the Millennium. The description of his composition was “punk gesture”. He considers his work aimed against the classes to express something of the time we live in. Artists have striven for this aim throughout history.

Almost two hundred years ago, the society of artists in Birmingham was formed. The school specializes in life drawing, and they always aim to promote their artists as much as possible. Another famous school of  art  is the Royal Glasgow Institute of fine  Arts . This is a large institution that has trained many fine artists. The school organizes prestigious programs to promote contemporary  art  and artists in Scotland.

There are many excellent schools of  art  in Great Britain that have managed to show their concepts to the everyday world. This plays an important part in producing many of the nations greatest artists. Museums also have their place in portraying many different views on  art  from around the world.

Tourists often visit Great Britain as a travel destination because of the fine  art  produced in the country, as well as the paintings and sculptures that are displayed in galleries and museums. There are special tours available for travellers whose main purpose is to visit museums and  art  galleries.

Ancient  art  found in small towns and villages can be of particularly interesting to the visitor. Churches for example contain wonderful  art  and architecture throughout history.

Source by David Tatham

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