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Art projectors are an essential tool for artists and designers, used correctly they will save you a lot of time and increase accuracy in your sketching and drawing. Art projectors are not a new thing; they were used in the Renaissance. projectors today are far more advanced and are so versatile that no artist or illustrator should be without one.

You can kiss goodbye to tracing paper,, with an art projector you can enlarge photos, prints, patterns or any design and place it on virtually any surface, from walls to ceilings. They’re fantastic for improving your drawing skills and teaching hand and eye coordination. All you do is project an image onto a surface and trace around it to improve your drawing skills.

Getting to grips with perspective, always a tricky subject for the novice is simplified with a simple projector.

Painting large pictures and murals is much easier with an art projector. Just project the painting onto a large surface like a wall and paint it. Use an art projector to transfer accurate repeat images onto virtually any surface for decorating, from walls to fabrics, pottery to clothes.

If you’re a commercial artist time is important, or rather saving time. A projector will save you hours reproducing pictures to sell and increase your profit.

The aim of the machine is to project an image of a picture, painting or anything, onto another surface, allowing you to trace or copy it.

The image can be used to make a copy or to experiment with layout, allowing the artist or designer to see what the finished design will look like on another surface. Imagine painting a mural on one of your walls. You can use the projector to see what it will look like before committing yourself to the painting. Allowing you control to change colours and contrast, to add and remove items before deciding on a final design.

There’s plenty of projectors to choose from; like everything else, you basically get what you pay for. The more expensive the model the clearer the projected image will be.

Before buying a projector, think about what you want it for. If, for example, you want to project an image onto walls, then you need to make sure the projector you are looking at will scale to the size you need without losing any image quality.

You may want a projector to reduce an image onto a smaller surface, in which case you need to ensure the art projector you are looking for will reduce to the size you want. It’s definitely a great tool for artists and designers, many of the great wall paintings around the world were first designed using projectors, and today they are relatively cheap to buy with lots of ranges to choose from.

Source by Paul Merry

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