Art Projects For School Holiday Fun


With school out and children and parents finally have plenty of time for each other’s company, one of the best ideas to bond with your children for some holiday enjoyment are fun art projects. Instead of lounging in front of the television set or spending all day asleep, there are plenty of art projects that you can do around the house and with the family.

Fun art projects for kids create not only closer ties within the family, but also develop essential skills and new perspectives for your children, such as the color skills and hand dexterity of artistic creations, coupled with the new insights that both you and your family can avail of when you begin looking closely at the world for the all the hidden delights of form and color in the world which can be noticed only when looking at the world through the eyes of the artist.


One of the best benefits of fun art projects is the large number of options that can be done. Choosing the correct art project begins with an assessment of the skill levels of the members of the family to undergo the art projects. For beginners, one of the basics is arts and crafts projects you can try out is scrapbooking. More than just a way to honor and preserve memories, scrapbooking is an easy do-it-yourself project that requires much creativity.

Because of the growing developments in scrapbooking, such as the creation of the cricut machine, more art options now than ever have been opened up in scrapbooking. It also fosters one of the basic skills in the arts, which is the use of mixed media. Most beginning artists put on horse blinders by focusing too much on a particular type of art medium. But with scrapbooking, you are given the possibility of using elements that are found anywhere from the isles of the local scrapbooking shop, to items from around the house and those found in garage sales that you and the family can look up to on Sunday afternoons during holidays.

Art classes

Much research and development studies have been pouring out in attempts to look for the most intellectually stimulating environments for children. These have resulted in present day knowledge of the effects of, for example, classical music in helping children develops early mental capabilities as early as during the pre-natal stage. Children’s development, however, does not stop in the art classes, but instead includes the years during pre-school, and after.

Start your child’s intellectual development right with art classes to foster basic skills and new appreciation for the colorful and form-filled world we live in through art classes. More and more parents are discovering that annual summer arts classes are a good habit. You also have the option of advancing your child’s skills in a single type of art lesson such as painting lessons that your child can advance in summer after summer, or you can also choose to give your child a taste of everything with new lessons each time school ends and summer begins.

These are just some of the fun art activities for your family on a holiday, but there are many more options available. From basic photography to charcoal drawings, there are almost limitless options to choose from to ensure that you and your family will have home art projects to share together.

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