Art, The Unwritten Language


We have lived with  art  for thousands of years. So why do we feel the need to have  art  around us. Standing on our floors, hanging on our walls, and gracing our gardens..

What I want to discuss with you is why? yes that fundamental word why?

Why do we need  art  to feel good. Lets look further…….

Have you ever read any quotations of artists. What they say in itself, is a great insight into how the artist goes through different processes in  art  to achieve a finished creation. Yet  art  takes the artist into another world, a world of creation, a world of… you could say fantasy.

Whether it be the recreation of all things life-like or not. All  art  starts with an idea. As an artist myself, I know this well enough. Yet all ideas have to start with life. The stepping stones to all number of wonderful creations of the imagination.

Color and  Art 

What happens when you see a color? You spirits are uplifted, you feel a freedom. And happier as a person. If you move into a new place say, you are faced with plain walls. It feels empty and hollow doesn’t it. Yet it is a living space with all we need to keep us warm and secure.

So what is it that tells us that something is missing. Have you ever thought about it, I mean really thought about it.

Well I know when I move into a new space, I feel an emptiness around me. Could this be that I feel like this because I am an artist, and  art  is necessary to have around me. I don’t think so….

I don’t think that because I am an artist, it is only me that feels this urge to bring color; to want to hang pictures up on the wall?….


We, as people, all feel this need, I’m sure, and where do you think this comes from. Its deeper than you could have ever imagined. This need goes back to our beginnings, and how we perceive our environment. We, as individuals in life, all have different tastes, yet we all have this need to have  art  around us.

Our interests, cultures, ideas and imaginations have all geared us up to choosing  art  that fits our personalities, and how we want to feel. It was; and still is a status symbol. It tells others what we like. What we are interested in, our feelings, and greatest interests.


Artists have given us  art  forms from their own imaginations. They have extended these visions in all  art  forms. We are drawn to  art  in so many ways that it is a language that cannot be put into words. The artists are the keepers, the vessel for all non artists to find an escapism through.

We buy all manner of  art . They decorate every part of our lives. Tell other people what we like. What our interests are. Without us, as owners of these  art  form, saying one single word.

Colors in paintings, to the firmness and size of sculpture, all contribute to making us as people comfortable in our own environments. In a way that we never really have taken the time to think about about. And we, as people are always on the look out when we are shopping. Looking twice a color, at other  art  forms that entice us. Through shop windows, or going to public planes.

Haven’t you seen a piece of  art  while out, and wished you could take it home… I know I have. And there would have been some pretty big pieces of  art  to move if it was possible

Our Senses

Our senses are highly tuned, we entice and stimulate them with  art .  Art , that we bring home, keep our minds busy. Our home surroundings feel warmer. We have in-fact put our stamp of oneness in our dwellings.

We have found an inner piece with  art  in a way that no written word can. The ability of us to translate in an unwritten language, our thoughts and likes. From personalities and ambitions – we have spoken to other people around us, through sight alone. Yet it is also speaks to us, calming us, delighting us 24/7.

To be without  art  would be like taking away a language that we have created within our own world. It would dim our imaginations and lesson our willingness to be completely happy within our own living space.

Yet this language has never had a title, or a spoken word. It speaks for itself, through us and to us.

Source by Andrea Balch

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