Artists & Art Dealers Work Hand-in-Hand


Artists &  art  dealers are  art  professionals who have to work hand-in-hand to make money out of what they do for a living. Artists are gifted individuals who can create visual artistry using paint, canvas, paper, and other media to produce paintings, sculptures or any works of  art .  Art  dealers, on the other hand, are those who buy works of  art  from artists and sell them to collectors and museums. They should have a good understanding of the  arts  and the market trend for them as well as particular styles, period and regions to be able to give sound advice to those who are buying from them.

Artists have different styles and medium used when creating pieces for display and for sale. They usually need the help of  art  dealers to have their works of  art  to be sold and displayed in galleries, studios or museums. However, artists can also act as  art  dealers themselves and put up their own galleries and studios. Artists have come a long way since ancient times because in ancient Greece artists were regarded similarly to manual laborers whose social status came in between freemen and slaves. In the Middle Ages, their status became similar to craftsmen but artisanal products were more expensive than the artists’ paintings and sculptures. It was only in the 16th century that artists earned a more distinct place in society in which their intellectual skills were given more importance.

Nowadays, an artist is defined according to his own form of  art  which can be specific or a variety of media. These include drawing, painting, sculpture, acting, dancing, writing, filmmaking, photography and music among many others. Some of the most renowned artists whose work were more concentrated on paintings include Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michael Angelo, Claude Monet, Salvador Dali and Vincent Van Gogh among many others. Many of their works of  art  are displayed in world famous galleries and museums but a number of their paintings are also owned by wealthy individuals and families across the globe. The popularity of their work is also due to the hard work of  art  dealers who tirelessly look for the best works of  art  and who influence the  art  trends especially those who are already prominent in this field.

 Art  dealers often have degrees in  art  history before entering on their careers and can have options of becoming curators,  art  auctioneers,  art  critics and  art  instructors among many others. Their work usually focuses on looking for potential artists they can represent for the sale or display of their work. They often deal with collectors and museums or can even have their own  art  galleries.  Art  dealers often go around the country and abroad to visit exhibitions, participate in auctions and look for artists’ studios. These are ways by which they will be able to look for good buys, new works and artists, and if lucky, they will be able to find lost artwork by famous and established artists.

Source by Ashley Conner

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