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In recent days, ASP.NET development is enjoying giant strides in the IT-World as it is consisted of numerous advantages compared to its equivalents or competent. ASP abbreviated for Active Server Pages through which Microsoft develops unique and dynamic web pages and web applications. It is also an essential part of .NET framework, which is a precious tool for software developers or programmers to develop features-rich websites. The Dot NET framework is also one of the popular frameworks that support numerous programming languages such as, J#, VB, C# and lots more.

Using an IDE like Visual Studio, developers can easily create dot net application development that is hosted by the Windows web server. In past, static web page content was created which need to be modified manually. But now, dynamic web page content is created that gets updated automatically and also add an exceptional factor to the web page. Recently, dot net programming is adopted by many users due to some of the outstanding benefits, such as:

  • Minimum Development Time: Time is precious for everyone, especially developers, who spend most of their hours in developing applications or web pages. For them, it is boon as it requires less coding even if, developers create a vast application or a bulk website. With this feature, developers can generate enterprise applications within stipulated time-frame. Rectification of mistakes can also be done easily as developers don’t have to check all codes.
  • Secure and Safe: After considering time, security holds next important place. Asp.Net Developer/Programmer has to give huge priority to the security while developing any enterprise application. Developing under this framework, developers don’t have to think much about security as it comes with great reliability, security and safety. So, one cannot able to see any codes on the browser.
  • Useful Functionality: Dot net programmers Developer/Programmer has huge knowledge regarding useful controls and development tools that are loaded in it. Using such tools, developers can be able to reduce coding task and development time. On other side, it is best to integrate numerous useful functionalities in the website.
  • Excellent Outcome: It is a best framework for enhancing the functionality of your website along with its overall performance. Your website is empowered by dot net with exceptional caching services, native optimizations, on-time compilation and binding to have optimum performance.
  • Minimum Maintenance Cost: Web sites or applications, developed under dot net, charge minimum maintenance cost as the source codes and HTML codes for all the web pages are found in one place so it becomes easy for developers to manage, edit and maintain. As a result, the developed site under this framework saves much amount on maintenance.

Source by Aapti Joshi

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